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Magia are HumaGears that have been hacked to turn into twisted monsters and major antagonists in Kamen Rider Zero-One.

A Magia is created when a Zetsume Riser produced by MetsubouJinrai.NET is attached onto a HumaGear. The HumaGear then inserts a ZetsumeRise Key into the Riser, causing their skin to burst off and reveal their metal skeleton before tendrils burst out of their mouth and wrap around the body, remolding it into a mechanical monster. A Magia equipped with ZetsumeRiser can infect other HumaGears into their foot soldiers, Trilobite Magia.


The first Magia was created when Jin placed the ZetsumeRiser onto Gut Buster Taro, causing him to go haywire. Taro then inserted a ZetsumeRise Key into the Riser, turning him into the Berotha Magia.

The next Magia was created when Jin ambushed a Delivery-Type HumaGear outside the Hiden Intelligence building and placed a ZetsumeRiser on him, hacking him and causing him to insert the Kuenhe Key into the Riser, turning him into the Kuehne Magia. Jin also went and hacked a HumaGear security guard stationed at the Hiden Intelligence building, turning him into the Ekal Magia.

A while later after the cyber terrorist disbanded some individual HumaGears can still be hacked by the Ark without the use of a ZetsumeRiser transforming them into Ark-like Magias.



Ark Magia



  • Magia is mostly named after Maggia (a criminal mafia from Marvel’s Spider-Man) and Mad Gear (not based on Capcom’s Final Fight).
  • Magias are similar to many fictional robot villains, such as Terminators, Maverick Reploids from Capcom’s Mega Man, and even both Sentinels, Ultron and his drones from Marvel (X-Men and Avengers respectively).


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