The Magic Master (in Japanese: マジックマスター, Majikku Masutā) is a magician who is a high-ranking servant of a secret society of sinister zealots known as the Cult of Kefka who served their maniacal master Lord Kefka, and a villain in Final Fantasy VI.


He is a boss in the game and he can be found at the top of the Cultists' Tower after a magic orb called the Soul of Thamasa was obtained by the Returners, a heroic band of rebels who before the end of the world were fighting against the royal regime known as the Gestahlian Empire and their charismatic leader Emperor Gestahl, and are now fighting against Kefka.

After the Soul of Thamasa is retrieved, the Cult of Kefka apparently having deduced the party's attempts at stealing the treasure and escape from their "temple", rush up to the top and surround them, demanding in a monotone voice to return the treasure belonging to Lord Kefka.

The Magic Master then arrives at the top behind them, then floats around the roof before landing at the party's spot.

After the battle, the Magic Master lost and met his demise.


  • A special accessory in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- was named after the Magic Master himself.


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