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Feed my powers, dark eclipse.
Free my form from the abyss.
Dormant magic now unchained.
The Shadow Queen, be whole again!

HA HA, YES! The magic! The body! I'm back! Hello, Scroogy; I've missed you.
~ Magica De Spell.
You think you won? But I am your fate! I am the dark force at the core of all things! I am Magica De Spell!
~ Magica De Spell.

Magica De Spell is the one of the main antagonists of the 2017 DuckTales reboot series.

She is the main antagonist of Season 1, and a major antagonist in Season 2 and Season 3.

She is a sorceress with an eternal hatred of and rivalry with Scrooge McDuck, bent on destroying him and everything he holds dear. She is also the "aunt" and creator of Lena De Spell, as well as Scrooge's first archenemy.

She is voiced by Catherine Tate and by Kimiko Glenn when possessing Lena.


Magica is manipulative, cruel, and selfish, forcing Lena to be Webby's friend to gain her trust and entry into the McDuck Manor to steal Scrooge's Number One Dime in exchange for her freedom. Throughout her time as Lena's shadow, she does nothing but criticize her and complain about her lack of commitment to the plan. Magica also doesn't care about Lena's safety as long as she gets the dime, like in "Jaw!$" where she scolds Lena for destroying the money shark, despite the fact she would have been shallowed if she hadn't. Magica only sees Lena as tool for her revenge and is willing to posses her to accomplish this in "The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!" and when she regained her form in "The Shadow War!" she absorbed Lena back into her shadow. After Lena manages to regain her form to save Webby, Magica calls her nothing and seemingly kills her, claiming she is nothing, further indicating she doesn't consider Lena a person.

Magica is also vain and narcissistic, believing that being a powerful sorceress entitles her to do whatever she wants and does not care for the harm she inflicts on others such as using Lena or endangering Scrooge's family. She even delights in killing Scrooge's family as it furthers he plans of revenge against him. She encourages Lena to leave Beakley to die in "Terror of the Terra-firmians!", seeing her as a threat to her plan and is enthusiastic at the idea of Scrooge's nephews being eaten to the money shark in "Jaw$!".

After her defeat at the Money Bin, Magica becomes desperate to regain her powers so she tries to emotionally blackmail Lena into coming back to her only for her friends to save her. After they find Magica in the real world, they find she has grown desperate miserable since losing her powers and any threatening and intimidating traits she had before were gone, showing a massive inferiority complex. She also developed a hatred towards children after she had to get a job as a magician as Funso's to scrap by.

Despite her villainous nature, Magica is not without some standards and redeemable traits in carrying out her vengeance as seen in "The Shadow War!". While initially assuming Scrooge was faking his breakdown after his family and staff deserted him, she discovered he wasn't and actually pitied him a little, implying that she may have some honor. Magica even worked to snap Scrooge out of it by reminding him of all the amazing things he did before they came along, even her own defeat at his hands. This shows that despite hating Scrooge, she truly does respect him as a worthy opponent and wants to beat him at his highest, not at his lowest. Magica is also shown to genuinely care for her twin brother Poe as they both equally ruled a village together. She was very distraught to see that she has accidentally turned Poe into a raven while attempting to stop Scrooge; she was even willing to give up her powers and riches to Scrooge if he could save Poe, though Scrooge didn't care of it as he was busy looting treasure, which was partially the reason why Magica hated Scrooge so much. Even in the end of the series, Magica is outraged to learn that Bradford Buzzard had been using her and the other villains as pawns in Bradford's true plan to destroy the Ducks and rid the world of all adventures. As such, Magica briefly puts her feud with Scrooge aside and punishes Bradford by turning him into a non-sapient buzzard and taking him as her new pet, even Scrooge and Lena cheered at her for this.


Unlike her original incarnation, she remained as a shadow for a while. When she obtained the dime, her body is slimmer. In addition, her feathers are green, but when rendered powerless, her feathers revert to the white color. Her eyes are yellow while her pupils are shaped as triangles. She wears a black halter dress with a bright purple amulet holding both her dress and her reversible cape and black elbow-length fingerless gloves. Her hair is shorter and carries a small portion of purple. She does not wear heels in comparison to her original incarnation.

Powers and Abilities

Magica de Spell is a powerful sorceress who is well versed in many forms of magic, from Sumerian to Demogorgon. She carries a staff with a Sumerian amulet as its headpiece, which is the source of her power. It was originally two amulets merged into one, the second one belonged to her brother, Poe de Spell. Magica also has ancient magical objects at her disposal.

At full power, Magica can use magic to fly, teleport, project mystic bolts, create force fields, and form constructs like cages, move objects at will, conjure objects, transmogrify objects and people (but never learned to turn them back), and summon an army of shadows from countless people that do her bidding and can use as weapons.

Magica has lost her powers at the season one finale, but recently got them back in season three.

Shadow Form (Formerly)

After getting locked in the Number One Dime, she cast a spell that turned her own shadow into a living person, Lena de Spell. She can communicate with Lena by manipulating her shadow. She cannot physically touch anything, but she can hear and see what is happening around her. As a shadow, Magica is can phase through walls, but can also possess Lena's body to use as her own, and perfectly imitate voices. She no longer exists as a shadow after freeing her physical body from the dime.


Scrooge: Magica De Spell... You black-hearted wretched of the foulest linage... Impossible! How?!
Magica: Why don't you ask your housekeeper's granddaughter's new best friend. You have a confusing family structure you know that?
~ Magica De Spell
Oh my word, it's not a trap! He's actually become this pathetic. How dare you make me pity you! This is not how I pictured killing you in my head for the last 15 years!
~ Magica realizing Scrooge is down from everyone leaving McDuck Manor.
Ohh! Look! Children...
~ Magica
Well you see, I channel my powers-- It's just magic, okay?
~ Magica nearly explaining why she obtained her powers.
Lena couldn't be your friend because she was never real!
~ Magica telling Webby the truth.
You had sleepovers with a shadow! You gave it a friendship bracelet! Honestly, it's embarrassing how pathetic you were... Here! Let me put you out of your misery!
~ Magica continues to tell Webby the truth.
Aunt? You're even worse than her! You aren't my family! You are nothing!
~ Magica exclaiming at Lena before she "killed" her.
For showing you how weak and pathetic you truly are? You're welcome!
~ Magica
My powers! They're gone! You ruined everything!
~ Magica during her defeat.
Curse you, McDuck! You haven't seen the last of me!
~ Magica De Spell
We’re family, YOU NEED ME!!
~ Magica De Spell


  • Magica De Spell is named word of "Magic" "a" or "De" and the name "Spell".
  • In this incarnation, Magica speaks with a British accent instead of an Italian accent. However, the Italian dub gives her a Neapolitan accent reminiscent of her original incarnation's.
  • Despite Lena calling her aunt "Magica", Lena is considered to be Magica's daughter due to Magica creating her.
    • This might be because, since she fused her amulet with her brother Poe's, Lena might have come frome Poe's magic, making her his daughter.
  • Magica was added to the opening credits starting in Season 2, taking Big Time Beagle's place.
  • Some fans believe during "Phantom and the Sorceress", that Magica was proud of Lena's training and treated her a little better.

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