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No, I'm an accident. Real heroes, they make a choice. I never did.
~ Magma to Batman

Mike Morgan, also known as Magma, is a mutated superhero turned evil and a villain in DC comics. He was a scientist who was engaged with Mary Michaels and had a successful career. However, Dr. Hodges was jealous of his success and orchestrated an accident to kill Morgan but instead mutated him.


Mike Morgan had a successful career, and was engaged with his beloved Mary Michaels. However, Dr. Hodges plotted to take Morgan out of the picture. Morgan was consequently transformed, along with Mary and Stewart Lowe, into a super-powered being.   Magma became the group's most disenchanted member, due to his grotesque appearance. During a successful hostage rescue, Magma realized how much he had lost upon seeing the fear in the face of the little girl he had just saved. Magma prevented Batman from hitting the abort button, and blocked Hodges' way out. Then, Batman doused him with water, causing his magma makeup to solidify. Magma presumably was killed or captured.

Powers and Abilities

After being bombarded with dangerous levels of radiation, Dr. Mike Morgan became a juggernaut with super-strength and a melting touch.


  • As the Terrific Trio is based on the Fantastic Four, Magma is clearly based on Ben Grimm, otherwise known as the Thing. They are both large, super-strong rock beings who despise their condition and are usually seen as monsters by others.


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