Magmatron is the new Predacon Emperor of Destruction, inheriting the title after the defeat of Galvatron. He is the main antagonist of Beast Wars Neo.


Aboard his ship, the Dinosaur, Magmatron and his crew of Predacon tracked his rival Big Convoy and his Maximal recruits to the planet Gaea where he learned of the Angolmois capsules that had been launched from the self-destructing Nemesis.

Magmatron immediately set a course to track them down, desiring their incredible power. Competing with Big Convoy, Magmatron secured numerous capsules for the Predacons. However, he did not keep them long. The Blendtrons, a trio of super-powerful and freakish Transformers, stole the capsules from both factions. As it turned out, the Angolmois energy was actually the lifeforce of Unicron. Offering up Galvatron's corpse as a new body, the Blendtrons released the Angolmois energy and Unicron was reborn.

Magmatron immediately challenged the Chaos Bringer but was quickly vanquished into a wormhole, leaving his crew of Predacons leaderless and rather ineffective. Magmatron escaped the wormhole toward the end of the Unicron battle, after Unicron had possessed Vector Sigma, and willingly fought side-by-side with Optimus Prime and the Maximals to stop their mutual enemy.After a lengthy battle, Unicron was defeated and driven from Vector Sigma by Optimus Prime's Matrix Buster. Putting aside their rivalry, Optimus Prime and Magmatron formed an alliance. The Maximals and Predacons then worked side-by-side and hand-in-hand to rebuild their ravaged planet.

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