He's on Earth's moon, locked away in a prison cell!
~ Magmatron revealing that Varvatos Vex was on the Moon in the bounty hunters' outpost.

Magmatron is a minor antagonist in the Tales of Arcadia trilogy, appearing only in 3Below, the second arc of the trilogy. He is one of the many bounty hunters for General Morando, who wants to eliminate House Tarron to maintain his tyrannical control over Akiridion-5. He is also a Cindorite, a magma-based mechanized alien prone to violence.

He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


Part 1

Magmatron is first seen when he and several bounty hunters to kill Aja and Krel Tarron to retrieve the life cores of their parents, King Fialkov and Queen Coranda, so Morando can crush their cores.

Part 2

Magmatron eventually arrives in Arcadia-Oaks to continue to hunt down Aja and Krel to get his bounty, but Steve Palchuk, Eli Pepperjack, and Toby Domzalski are with them. He tries to attack them, but Aja deflects his hammer, which causes a fire hydrant to sprinkle water, forcing Magmatron to flee as water is his only weakness. The five then manage to escape into an alley. They manage to get away from again when they avoid his hammer once again.

When they and Zadra are in the sewers, Magmatron tries to attack them again, but he is caught in a trap that Eli placed. When Aja asks him about Varvatos's whereabouts, Magmatron sadistically reveals that he is imprisoned in the bounty hunters' outpost on the Earth's Moon. He then frees himself from his trap and tries to retrieve his hammer back, but Toby learns that water is Magmatron's sole weakness. With this knowledge, he causes the water to burst from the pipes, which combine with Magmatron's magma and melts him to his death.



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