Even though I'm an electromagnet, I couldn't attract victory!
~ Magnet Banki's final words before his destruction.

The Magnet Banki is a magnet-themed Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein with the power of magnetism, able to take his opponents' weapons and use them. He is the main antagonist in episode 5 of 2008 TV series called Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

He is voiced by Toshiharu Sakurai who previously voiced a Space Cockroach Goki-chan, a Rhino Nezire, Bombs, Garaga, Futabutabou, Trinoid 16: Tsutakotatsu, Bon-Goblin Hells and later voiced Oinogare and a Wataameloid.


The Magnet Banki made his first appearance at the Hellgaile Palace where he demonstrate his ability as he pulled Kitaneidas and Kegalesia towards him as the duo struggles to get themselves unstuck from this robot.

The Magnet Banki then appeared in the human world as he used his ability to have every electronic device to go haywire and the sign well it flown towards him due to magnetism. As this goes on he sends a car careening towards a building exploding it in the process as the Magnet Banki was sent flying towards the outside. However his mayhem was then stopped by the arrival of the Go-Ongers as they transformed and battles him. However he used his ability as he pulled the team's gun towards him so Ren tried to call Hanto, but there's no response to it. So they used their rods and slam the Magnet Banki towards the wall defeating him in the first round.

Back at the palace he reports his failure to the crime ministers, so Yogostein decides to upgrade the Magnet Banki into an Electromagnet Banki to give him an edge during the next confrontation with the Go-Ongers.

He then arrived in Human World as he used his upgraded ability to cause more mayhem in the city, but when the Go-Ongers showed up and were about to use the Highway Buster he used his ability and instantly pulled the team's weapon towards the bot thus preventing them from using the Highway Buster. As this goes on he began to pull the team towards him as they hold on to their dear life. Thankfully Hant arrived with a wrecking ball and as soon as the Magnet Banki tried to pull the vehicle towards him Hant releases the latch and the huge ball sent flying towards the Magnet Banki as he was sent crashing towards a building.

However he wasn't down for the count now the Go-Ongers has let go of the tree he used his ability and they were being pulled towards him, but as for Hant he transformed and used the Bridge Ax to cut off the power source to the Magnet Banki's ability. After that the Magnet Banki was then defeated by the duo's Junction Rifle.

However the Magnet Banki manages to enlarge himself via Industrial Revolution prompting the core members to bring out Engine-O and battle him, but he used his magnetism and stole the Engine-O's sword and used the finisher against the core members which is Electromagnet Grand Prix. Thankfully Birca became the armament to Engine-O. After that the Magnet Banki is then scrapped by this finisher called Bircutter Slash.

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