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Magni: You. Surrender. The Allfather demands it.
Kratos: No.
Magni: Ah... Good.
~ Magni and Kratos.

Magni is a major antagonist in God of War. He was an Æsir god and the eldest son of Thor. He and his younger half-brother Modi both follow their uncle Baldur in the quest to find and kill Kratos and Atreus.

He is voiced by Troy Baker, who also voiced Joel in The Last of Us, Pagan Min in Far Cry 4, Delsin Rowe in Infamous: Second Son, and The Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins.


When they were children, Magni and Modi rescued their father after Hrungnir had fallen onto him after their father had killed the Giant. When everyone (with the exception of the God, Mimir) was too busy laughing, the two effortlessly lifted the corpse off Thor. Due to being the strongest and more charismatic, Magni was given all the praise for the effort, leaving his brother Modi incredibly jealous, fueling the rivalry between them. During the Aesir-Vanir War, Magni, with the help of his brother Modi killed the Vanir Goddess Nerthus.

Sometime after their uncle failed the first time, Magni and Modi were summoned by their grandfather Odin and ordered to aid Baldur in his hunt to capture Kratos, after the former's failed first encounter with the legendary Greek god. They first visited imprisoned ambassador of the Norse gods, Mimir, seeking to know Kratos's location and how to deal with him.

Unfortunately for them, Mimir doesn't know Kratos's location, and refuses to help them any further, even after Baldur promises to put a good word for him when returning to Odin. Before leaving, while Modi threatens to gourge out his other eye while no one was looking, Magni warns Mirmir that they would know if he double-crossed them.

They both continue their search for Kratos and track him down to Thamur's corpse, a frost Giant killed by Thor. They discovered the corpse when Kratos and his son Atreus had used the Giant's hammer to break through the ice to get his chisel. Unlike Modi, Magni realizes the hammer wouldn't have fallen without interference, and orders his younger brother to find the pair. Magni eventually finds Kratos and Atreus when he drops to the ground from above while killing an Ogre.

Tossing the beast's corpse aside, he orders the pair to surrender under Odin's orders, and when Kratos promptly refuses, Magni eagerly draws his sword for a fight. Following a vicious battle between Magni, Modi and Kratos and Atreus, Kratos is able to overpower Magni and split his head open with the Leviathan Axe, killing him.

Magni's death invoked severe consequences to both his brother and his killers. Driven by grief, his father Thor severely beat Modi for failing to both assist and then avenge his brother. This led to Modi seeking out Kratos and Atreus one last time before being killed himself by the latter.

Magni's, along with his brother and uncle's deaths, was one of the reasons why his father Thor sought out Kratos and Atreus, to avenge them.


Magni, like most of the Æsir, was a cruel and sadistic individual, taking pleasure in the suffering of those who stood in his way.

However, unlike his brother, who was a coward that enjoyed beating those weaker than himself. Magni had no problem fighting those who were as, or stronger than himself, merely eager for challenges as he viewed Kratos and Atreus as equal. This is shown when he expressed relief when Kratos chose to fight rather than surrender.

Magni was loyal to his family, including his grandfather Odin, his father Thor and his uncle Baldur. Unlike Modi, who was reluctant to work with Baldur due to his insanity, and Baldur's own insults towards them, Magni had no issues taking orders from their uncle due to their father having faith in him.

Just like his brother, Magni was constantly trying to please his father, the mighty Thor, but because thanks to his strength, loyalty and lack of cowardliness compared to Modi, Magni was the favoured son so his desire to please Thor was nowhere near as obsessive as Modi's.

Magni and his brother, Modi had a reputation of being called idiots/fools due to their low-intelligence. Many characters called them by many insults. Baldur called his own nephews as idiots. Kratos called them fools. Mimir called them bigger twits and worthless wankers. Sindri called them as Thor's idiot sons and Brok called Magni a loudmouth. Despite the insults to his intelligence, Magni was shown to be smarter than his brother, as unlike Modi, Magni recognised that after centuries of being in the same spot, Thamur's hammer "didn't fall on its own".

Oh, I'll smack you boy. No. We cannot disappoint father.
~ Magni to Modi of Thor

Magni was shown to look down on his brother, both for his cowardliness and (supposed) paedophilia. Magni was often shown to give him orders and threaten him when the latter kept questioning their uncle's sanity. Despite how he would smack Modi for his stupidity and cowardice, but he agreed to work with him as they don't want to disappoint Thor.



  • Ironically enough, while in real life mythology, Modi, along with his brother, were destined to be one of the few survivors of Ragnarök, and both would go on to dual-wield Thor's hammer. While in the game, the two never even made it so see Ragnarök's beginning, and neither earned the right to wield the hammer.
    • These factors are referenced in the game itself. After Magni's death Modi asks Kratos "How did you?" indicating the brothers were aware of their supposed destinies to survive Ragnarök. When Modi attempts to kill Kratos he says "I earned that fucking hammer" indicating they were competing to earn Thor's hammer.
  • Magni's name translates to "great".
  • Magni's voice actor, Troy Baker, previously voiced Orkos in God of War: Ascension.
  • Troy Baker and Nolan North previously worked together in the Batman Arkham games, The Last of Us, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and Middle-earth: Shadow of War.
    • Additionally, Troy Baker and Alastair Duncan previously worked together in Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War.


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