Magnus Finke is the main antagonist of the children's television series, Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Role in series

A group of two humans and four dragons arrive at Huttsgalor at the invitation of Chief Duggard Magnus is horrified at the thought of dangerous wild animals in his village and makes his case to the people. When the town sheep, Haggis, cozies up to one of the dragons, he is dismissed. Later, he showcases his Auto Lumberjack Machine in order to make a profit, but is outdone by another dragon. Fed up, Magnus then devises a plan to get rid of the dragons by hiding Haggis and accusing the dragons of eating them. Unable to prove their innocence, the group leaves. Magnus continues on using his machine, but it becomes out of control and threatens the village. Magnus creeps away when he finds he can't stop his machine. The dragon group returns just in time to save the village. The people are split on whether the group should stay or go. Magnus advocates for leaving, but Hannahr discovers the hidden Haggis. Caught in his lie, Magnus flees the town center. The dragon group stays and is dubbed the "Rescue Riders".


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