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Well... Since you asked... When I was young, I was raised in a poor family. In a raggedy old shack without much food or money. My brother Jack was taken in by a rich family. After that, my parents got sick and died... I was suddenly all alone... And society didn't lift a finger to help me. I hated people... I detested society. I worked like mad to triumph over society, my enemy. Then, I devoted myself to my status. I gained power over others, the authority to direct society. But, what I had amassed in life was not what I wanted. What I wanted was... a new-found order. Society is rotten to the core. In order to rebuild this fallen society... we need to destroy everything and start anew. Gospel thinks along these same lines. I quickly rose through their ranks and... Became the leader of the "SuperNavi" development project. When the "SuperNavi" is completed... Network society will be revolutionized. This will also be my revenge on society. I have been relishing this day for years. When my revenge is over, chaos will come knocking at the world's door, and Gospel will be there to provide order.
~ Magnus Gauss

Magnus Gauss is a human operator in the Mega Man Battle Network series. He operates MagnetMan.EXE and is a high-ranking Gospel officer and the CEO of Gauss, Inc. though is currently imprisoned.


Mega Man Battle Network 2

In this game, he first appears in the flight from Netopia to Electopia that Lan and MegaMan take. At first, he seems unsuspecting enough, though he does mention a high-power program onboard the plane. Later, the plane runs into several problems, one after another, and Lan and MegaMan stop the plane just in time for each incident. However, they do not suspect until the last malfunction that Gauss and MagnetMan are behind the incidents. Their goal was to steal the high-power program from the airplane to use in the "SuperNavi" development project. The "SuperNavi" in question here is none other than Bass.EXE. However, as Lan and MegaMan confront MagnetMan, Gauss reveals himself to be MagnetMan's operator and the orchestrator of this attack, ordering MagnetMan to delete MegaMan. However, after Lan and MegaMan triumph, Gauss accidentally reveals this to be his hijack attempt, which leads to the entomologist detains him until the plane lands safely and officers appear on the spot to imprison him for his heinous act of terror.

When asked why he would do such a terrible crime by Lan, he reveals that he grew up in destitute conditions, with his brother, Count Jack Zap, taken in by a rich family while he and his family were left with barely enough to get by. This game barely goes into the brotherly rivalry between them, though the anime goes into great detail. After his parents died, he was all alone in the world, lamenting at how nobody around him would do anything to help him from his condition. He decided that society as a whole was corrupt and wanted to exact his revenge on it. He eventually found an opportunity to lift himself from this condition, and he took it. However, he still detested society for forsaking him, and wasn't happy with the success that he found thus far, and decided to use his wealth and power to exact his revenge. He found that Gospel shares many of his extreme ideals, and joined them, soaring through the ranks. In so doing, he became the director of the "SuperNavi" development project. This led him to the airplane, in which he intends to nab the high-power program. Interestingly, this backstory is similar to that of Sean Obihiro, the leader of Gospel.

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team ProtoMan

While Magnus Gauss does not appear himself in this game, his daughter, Tesla, does. She operates MagnetMan in this game. She does mention that her father in still in prison, and have harsh feelings towards Lan for sending him to prison, despite Lan saving both himself and Magnus Gauss in that very incident.

Mega Man NT Warrior



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