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What in the devil's are you goin' say now?! If, if you dare betray me, ye little maggot... ye'd better start watchin' yer back!
~ Magnus McGilded threatening Naruhodo.
Magnus McGilded: Good grief! Ye've more to say to me, have ye?
Barok Van Zieks: Just one thing... A warning. This is far from over.
Magnus McGilded: Well, sometin' to be lookin' forward to then! Wah hah hah hah hah!
~ Magnus McGilded's last statement on the courtroom as he gets a not guilty verdict.

Magnus McGilded is one of two main antagonists of The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, alongside Ashley Graydon. Presenting himself as a well-intentioned businessman and philanthropist, he's actually a cunning and ruthless loan shark who is willing to do anything on his power to get anything he wants, including murdering the father of Ashley Graydon, Mason Milverton, and perjuring his way out of a guilty verdict in the third case of the game, "The Adventure of the Runaway Room". Because of this, he serves as the main antagonist of "The Adventure of the Runaway Room" and the posthumous overarching antagonist of "The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story".



Working as a loan shark, Magnus McGilded was ruthless with his demands, blackmailing anyone who didn't pay up his loans. However, to masquerade his cruel methods, he would often pay for the preservation and restoration of many commercial areas, including a park and a public library to his name.

Transporting state secrets

Seeking a new opportunity to make new income, he struck a deal with Ashley Graydon, a telegraph operator, to steal government secrets and give them to him. To which Graydon would then encode the information unto two discs and a two sided music box built by his father, Mason Milverton, who worked before as a music box maker apprentice.

Taking place on an omnibus, Graydon gave away the first disc to McGilded for ten guineas, however, Mason became suspicious of his son's actions and decided to be the one who transferred the second disc on a later date, which would be transferred for a thousand guineas.

However, when Mason and McGilded met on the omnibus to make the second exchange, the two of them got into an argument that ended in McGilded stabbing Mason in the heart, causing his death. Moreover, when he was being stabbed, Mason screamed loud enough for Gina Lestrade, who was hiding underneath the seats, to hear which caused her to move enough for McGilded to notice and pull her out of it next to Mason's corpse. The commotion was enough for the passengers above to notice the murder and call the police for it, while McGilded gave the coat that contained the disk to Beppo, the rider of the omnibus, paying him so that he deposited the second disk on Windibank's Pawnbrokery. After that, McGilded blackmailed Gina into assisting him on covering up the murder, or else he would make her orphanage disappear, he also gave her the receipt of the coat so that she would retrieve it two months later if he wasn't able to get away with the murder.

The Adventures of the Runaway Room

Having been arrested and put on trial, Mael Stronghart put Ryunosuke Naruhodo, the Japanese exchange student that just arrived on London, on charge of his case. When McGilded met Ryunosuke, he offered him and his assistant Susato Mikotoba a thousand guineas for them to just "stand besides him". Having The Reaper of the Bailey, Barok van Zieks, on the prosecution, he had no one else who could defend him on his case, which made Naruhodo accept the trade.

Over the course of the trial, Naruhodo realized that there was a possibility that there could have been a third party on the omnibus that could leave McGilded innocent, to which McGilded confirmed. Immediately after, Gina launched a cloud of smoke on the court, causing a immediate recess to the case, which gave her enough time to alter the evidence with a few spurts of blood on the skylight and on the floor of the omnibus that was present on the court to make it look that the murder actually took place on the roof of the omnibus. After all the commotion calmed down, both Gina and McGilded testified that he didn't tell there was a third party because she wasn't involved with the murder.

Later on during the trial, van Zieks and Naruhodo agreed that the omnibus could've been tampered with, with van Zieks attesting that the police investigated top to bottom the omnibus and confirmed that there weren't any stains of blood on the skylights or the floor before the trial. Causing everyone to get suspicious of McGilded, he got very angry with both of them, and managed to convince the court that there was no proof of the evidence being tampered, and made it so that the court reprimanded van Zieks and his team on not being to be able to research better the omnibus if that was the case. Having inconclusive evidence and a possible case of incompetence, the court decided that the case of Magnus McGilded was to be discarded and Magnus McGilded be declared "Not Guilty", which made McGilded laugh with joy.


At the exit, McGilded joined with Naruhodo in celebrating their victory, which made both Susato and Naruhodo uncomfortable and with many doubts of their client. Even with that, McGilded prepared to give the one thousand guineas to Naruhodo and Susato, to which the both of them refused, being conformed with just a coin. Afterwards, a bailiff approached McGilded telling him that they were asking of their presence at the court to check the omnibus. However, the bailiff that talked to him was actually under the order of Ashley Graydon, which he was seeking revenge for the murder of his father by McGilded's hand. Guiding him to the inside of the omnibus, they set the omnibus on fire for him to burn to death, being discovered by the other bailiffs, the judge and van Zieks too late for him to be saved.

The day after, Naruhodo and Susato would be informed of McGilded's death by Lord Stronghart, and made them doubtful on defending Soseki Natsume and every next defendant after him. His crimes would only get revealed in the fifth case, "The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story", when both Gina Lestrade and Ashley Graydon would admit to their associations with McGilded and reveal that he was indeed guilty for the crimes he was accused of.


  • Magnus McGilded has many comparisons to Matt Engarde, with both of them actually being guilty of the crime they were accused of, and both of them having blackmailed many people, with Gina Lestrade and Phoenix Wright both being their main victims of the case.
    • However, unlike Engarde, McGilded actually managed, if briefly, to be successful on getting his Not Guilty and temporarily get away with the crime.
  • Magnus McGilded is often compared with Redd White, with both of them being rich people with the power to blackmail anyone they want.
  • Magnus McGilded is the oldest defendant in all of Ace Attorney, with 48 years of age.
  • In the Japanese version, Magnus is British. However, in the English version of the game, his name shows that he's instead Irish. His dialect is changed to include Irish pronunciations and words, something that makes him stand out amongst the primarily English characters.


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