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Magus is a villain of the Marvel universe. He is primarily an enemy of the X-Men. He is the patriarch of an alien species known as the Technarchy - a living, sentient, techno-organic virus Magus and his kin exist to conquer and annex entire worlds yet he has a wayward son in the form of Warlock, who has allied with the X-Men against him: the two characters share names with unrelated Marvel characters (Magus and Adam Warlock respectively).

Magus was the ruler of his native world, and, apparently, its most powerful being. When his son Warlock fled, because he was afraid of having to face his father in combat, Magus pursued him to Earth in order to kill him.

The mutant-haters, the Purifiers, discovered Magus in a hibernation state on the ocean floor. Bastion collected Magus and used the transmode virus to resuscitate and transform long-dead enemies of the X-Men into the members of the Human Council.

Eli Bard stole the techno-organic virus from Magus, apparently killing him.


Magus has the same beliefs that all the other Technarchy have they all no that living is not for the weak and believe those die are weak. Magus and all the Technologys believe in proving their worth and strength by fighting their parents.

The hole race know weakness is failure those who die, who aren't strong and don't fight are weak to them. Magus has no remorse and will not hesitate about killing the innocent or destroying planets to punish his or to prove his strength. He has a dislike for weakness and cowards because of strength he has proven to be a grear leader well respected by his race.

His desire and his determination to show how strong he is makes him a deadly foe. Magus has ruled with an iron fist making his hole planet and hole species willing follow him. After the death of his planet but not his race and his years on earth Magus has not only lerned to manipulate his own kind but humans as well.

Magus has also learned and gained business skills as well running his own hidden company Techno, Inc. he still believes in strength and hates weakness but now he only fights if anyone who is against him gives him a reason to fight. Magus is tough on his people but he cares about them those he found still living on Kvch he brought them to earth to save them his time on earth he has also grown to only care for the humans who work for him.


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