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Mahari is a minor anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star. He serves Shin as leader of the KING's Blackbird gyrocopter army.

We first see him in Episode 17 in a non-speaking role as one of the men gathering for Shin's war against Kenshiro.

In Episode 19, Mahari leads his gyrocopter forces to hunt down Kenshiro. As the Man with Seven Scars races on a bike back to Jennifer's village, Mahari and his henchmen give chase by trying to drop bombs onto Kenshiro, and launching spears at him, taking out his bike.

Kenshiro uses some spears to take down some of the gyrocopters, and sneaks up on Mahari. He hits his Toa power point, putting Mahari under Kenshiro's control. He then makes the pilot fly into his own fleet, making them crash into one another.

As one pilot almost makes it to the village, Kenshiro uses Mahari's copter to down him as well. With all of Mahari's goons wiped out, Kenshiro leaps off the gyrocopter whilst Mahari himself crashes into the ground and it blown up.

Power and Abilities

Mahari leads the Blackbird gyrocopter group. He and his henchmen can use their copters to drop bombs and fire spears at enemies.


  • His Japanese voice actor, Tessho Genda has voiced villains such as Kurama.