Mahra is the mother of Ned, Jed and Fred and a recurring antagonist in the 1996-1998 series Jungle Cubs (a prequel to the 1967 film The Jungle Book).

She is an elderly baboon who along with her sons, lives in a wasteland outside the Indian jungle and is an enemy of the Jungle Cubs.

She was voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Jungle Cubs

"A Night in the Wasteland"

Mahra is seen returning to her home of Pinnacle Rock in the Wasteland after being away in the south, where her sons unintentionally destroy her fur blanket. Angered, Mahra orders her sons to get her a new blanket or don't come back.

Later, Mahra comes across her sons facing against Baloo, Louie,Bagheera,Hati and Kaa, where she tells the Cubs to go, except Baloo, whom she wanted to make into a blanket. However before she can harm Baloo, Mahra and her sons flee after seeing Shere Khan roaring on top of Pinnacle Rock, which he said he would do in order to prove to the other Cubs that he was brave.

"Who Wants To Be A Baboon?"

After being a victim of too many jokes, Louie leaves his friends and goes to the Wasteland where Ned, Jed and Fred take him to Mahra, who makes Louie her assistant.



  • Mahra is slightly similar to Zira
    • Both are villainous female animals (Baboon and Lioness).
    • Both live in a poorly conditioned place (The Wasteland and The Outlands).
    • Both have three children, who they treat like minions (Mahra had her three sons Ned, Jed and Fred whilst Zira had her two sons Nuka and Kovu and her daughter Vitani).
    • Both oppose the main group of animals (The Jungle Cubs and Pridelanders).



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