Mai is the most levelheaded of the Psychic Assassins and an antagonist in the "Mutant Warrior" arc of Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier.


Mai originated from a desolate future and was part of a small group of people who developed psychic powers in order to survive. She combined her powers with the others to travel back through time to a more peaceful era so they could prevent their bad future. Discovering that the time-travel had caused them to age, Mai went with the other psychics to ask Dr. Gamo Whisky for help. Instead of actually curing them though, Dr. Gamo wiped their memories and converted them into his team of assassins.

Mai and the other Psychic Assassins eventually went to fight the 00 Cyborgs. However, she was forced to retreat when Cyborg 001 used his psychic powers to induce pain on the Psychic Assassins. Mai and the Psychic Assassins later fought against the 00 Cyborgs again. Mai had the other psychics loan her part of their power so she could send 009 to another era. However, because 009 had locked eyes with Lena, Lena went with him.

Mai later comforted Phil about his sister. In order to get Lena back, Mai formed an alliance with the 00 Cyborgs and use her powers to send them to where she had sent Lena and 009. After the cyborgs returned from the future and defeated Cain and Gamo, Mai stood with them and overlooked a beach. Due to the changes caused, Mai began to disappear in the present timeline. Mai gave the cyborgs some words of encouragement, saying they could defeat Black Ghost, before fading away.


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