Majeston Zelia is a godly villainess from Marvel Comics. She is an enemy of the mighty Thor. She is the All-Mother of the Dark Gods, the evil counterpart of the Asgardians and the mother of Perrikus. She was created by Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr.


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Majeston Zelia is the ruler of the Dark Gods and the realm of Narcisson. Many centuries ago, She lost a war with the Asgardians and was trapped by Odin. She was freed in the modern day when Thor accidentally broke their prison while battling Zarrko the Tomorrow Man. Shortly afterwards, they took over Asgard and enslaved the Asgardians including All-Father Odin, whose great powers she stole and tortured after he refused to be her consort.

When Thor returned to Asgard to fight the Dark Gods, he also brought with him The Destroyer Armor and Replicus as allies. They freed the Asgardians and forced Zelia to merge the Dark Gods into a monstrous entity called the Union. The Dark Gods once again started to win, but Thor fired a charged up God Blast beam through Zelia, knocking her down. Odin then grappled Zelia and absorbed the power as she exploded and his own powers were restored as a result. The remaining Dark Gods, Perrikus and Adva where later imprisoned again at Narcisson.

Powers and Abilities

As the All-Mother, Majeston Zelia posessed vast divine powers. She had the ability to shoot energy beams powerful enough to smash through the crust of Asgardm fly at high speed, skilled in casting magic spells and the ability to absorb the energy and powers of other gods.

She briefly posessed the infamous Odinforce after taking it from Odin.

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