Bodyguard dog! Not pet!
~ Major-Domo yelling at Atari to Spots.

Major-Domo is the main antagonist of Wes Anderson's 2018 stop-motion film Isle of Dogs. He is secondary in position to Mayor Kobayashi and wants to exterminate dogs even more than he does.

He was voiced by Akira Takayama.


Major-Domo takes a relatively minor secondary role to Mayor Kobayashi throughout the film, only appearing whenever he does and not acting on his own accord. His role in the film becomes more major in its climax, where while Kobayashi has a change of heart, Domo forces the extermination of all dogs  with a robotic dogand a fight ensues.

Domo successfully presses the button, but thanks to a friend of Tracy Walker, the extermination electronics are hacked, (the poison backfires and is unleashed on the captors, the robotic dogs return to normal, and the drones start going haywire) which in turn causes the latter to malfunction and shut down, much to Domo's shock. Domo has been sent to prison for his crimes along with his propagandists and co- conspirators while the dogs have been re-allowed into society at the end of the film. According to the new mayor Atari who decreed the dogs' reintegration into society, Domo might pay a fine, do community service and possibly face a death penalty. 


Domo is a cruel, horrible man: while this is not readily apparent, he has Kobayashi under his thumb and is a big hand in much of the conspiracies going on throghout the movie. He is willing to seriously harm anyone who gets in his way to achieve his goal (which already failed thanks to the poison backfiring and the extermination electronics malfunctioning due to them being hacked and them going beyond their electrical limit), shown when he started a fight with Kobayashi over the button that would have annihilated the dog race.


His vile appearance could be considered a hint to his true nature: a vile, pale looking thing, hardly resembling a human in everything but basic shape. His head is long and rectangular, his lips are chipped and black and his skin is that of a ghostly pure white. This is of a major contrast to the Mayor, who has a completely normal appearance.


I'm accusing you of breaking your campaign promise! It's gonna be a fight!
~ Major-Domo yelling at Mayor Kobayashi for breaking his campaign promise.



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