Major payne

Major Payne

Oh I apologize; i apologize that you are a little TURD that cant hold his bathroom problems
~ Major Payne to Tiger (near beginning of movie)

Major Payne is the titular main character in the 1995 film of the same name.

He was portrayed by Damon Wayans.


Payne is a major in the army who transferred to an academy to teach a group of socially disabled kids ROTC. Near the beginning of the movie, he knocks out a guy in a play that "abused" his wife and almost killed the guy, as he was trying to become a police officer. His main intention was to beat other schools and doesnt really care about the fact that you dont need to win. When he saw the students, he immediately ruled the cadet with an iron fist. Due to his past, he is incredibly cold-hearted and has little sympathy.

This causes him to need counseling from a female faculty member named Emily. He needed to be more sympathetic to the students, especially for 6-year-old Tiger. At one point, when Emily asks for him to be nice to him, he tells Tiger to go to bed and shows a knife to him. He then also murders the "bed monster". Though he means well in his tough methods, they are a bit extreme, but enduring towards the competition. A man, who was Alex Stone's father, tried to beat Major Payne up, but he beat him back and won very strong. However, Payne must learn how to receive the trophy fairly, and they win through that way. Though he becomes more sympathetic, he is still a dictatorial figure and becomes Tiger's best friend.

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