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Cheesed to meet you.
~ Major Problem's splash screen description.

Major Problem is one of the major antagonists of the 2019 third player shooter game Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It is the final boss of Mount Steep, who is a hive mind of Miner Problems.


After the vanquished Miner Problem sinks into the cheese, two other Miner Problems follow him, which started to summon Major Problem. The players have to defeat it from destroying Neighborville.

The boss fight starts when Major Problems fires homing cheese missiles at the players. There are also summoned Miner Problems who take part in fighting the players. So as to damage it, the players had to shoot at its Imp-contained bulbs.

After phase one is complete, Major Problem starts to increase the cheese level. The players have to jump on multiple platforms, while there are also TV Head Zombies and Miner Problems are on their way. After they reached the final platform, Major Problem started to attack the players once again.

During the fight, Major Problem continuously fires more homing missiles at the players. It also can use its left claw as a flamethrower to attack the players, which they have to hide behind a boulder to avoid it. Additionally, it can submerge and use its drill to attack the players from below. There are also more Miner Problems summoned during the fight.

While in the final phase, Major Problem once again increase the cheese level, which the players have to jump on more platforms, while having more TV Heads and Miner Problems are on their way. After the players jump on the final platform, Major Problem separates that platform into four with its drill, summons more platforms, and attacks the players once more.

Major Problem used all of its attacks from the two previous phases, except for the drill attack. To avoid all of its attacks, the players have to move around from platform to platform. When Major Problem's health is nearly at zero, it submerges and moves outside of the center of the battle arena, and attack the players at its final moments. When defeated, Major Problem explodes, and leaves behind sheriff badges and coins as the players' reward.



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