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Those things were... Demons? Is that what you're tellin' me? That's the craziest goddamn thing I ever heard, Mr. Wynn. But I can't deny what I just saw with my own eyes. I just don't know how I can take this on board... I...
~ Major Vale to Jason Wynn.
How do you know about that? That was a covert operation. Who the hell are you, mister? ANSWER me! That's an ORDER!
~ Major Vale to Spawn, before being killed.

Major Vale is a villain in the Spawn comics. He was a military officer and was working on project called Ragnarok. He first appeared in Spawn Issue #16 and was later killed by Spawn in issue #18.


Major Vale acted as a liaison between the Pentagon and The Project called Ragnarok after 46 patient failures, Vale assured Kramer that the project would be shut down.

Later, when military testing on Simmonsvile resumed, Vale was called in by Jason Wynn to be briefed on the situation. Soon after, Wynn mysteriously disappeared and Simmonsville seemed to come under attack.

To fix the situation, Vale investigated Simmonsville personally and was confronted by Spawn and tries to stop him. Unfortunately for Vale, he was recognized by Spawn, telling his ties with Wynn, about six soldiers died and wiping out an entire village of innocent people.

Vale was confused about how he knew about the village incident and tries to get an answer from Spawn, but is killed by him for his past crimes. Vale also appeared in a flashback in issue #227 when Jim Downing was remembering his past life. Vale also appears in issue #296 when in the recap by Redeemer.



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