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Majordomo Executus

Brashly, you have come to wrest the secrets of the Living Flame! You will soon regret the recklessness of your quest. I go now to summon the lord whose house this is. Should you seek an audience with him, your paltry lives will surely be forfeit! Nevertheless, seek out his lair, if you dare!

Eons ago, the great Titans battled the Old Gods and their elemental minions, Ragnaros, Al'Akir, Neptulon, and Therazane. Ragnaros was in charge of vast armies of living flame, and like many powerful villains, had a Right-Hand Man. His most loyal servant, Baron Geddon, was his right hand. Baron Geddon failed to displease his fiery master, and was one of the Fire Lord's favorite minions. Eventually, the Baron made one mistake, and Ragnaros frowned upon him. Geddon was replaced by his master, and his replacement was a Flamewalker named Executus.

Eons later, after Ragnaros had been banished to his realm by the Titans, Executus found his way to Azeroth and gained the aid of the Dark Iron Dwarves, led by Emperor Dagran Thaurissan. The Dark Iron Dwarves, who were also long-time followers of Ragnaros, assisted Executus and his allies with the reawakening of the Firelord. This did not go unnoticed, however, and the heroes of Azeroth, with the aid of the Thorium Brotherhood, assaulted the Dark Iron capital and slew Dagran.

Thaurissan's death did not stop Executus, however, and with the help of Baron Geddon and Garr the Firelord's Majordomo was able to begin the ritual. The heroes stormed their lair, the Molten Core, and defeated Geddon and Garr. They challenged Executus, who had the aid of 8 Flamewalkers. The Flamewalkers were slain, and Executus submitted. He told the heroes where he would summon the Firelord, and welcomed them to come watch the reawakening of Ragnaros at their own risk.

The heroes arrived, and Executus began summoning Ragnaros. The Firelord emerged from the lava, and with the famous quote "TO SOON! YOU HAVE AWAKENED ME TO SOON, EXECUTUS!" Ragnaros executed Executus. Soon after this, howeber, Ragnaros was once again banished to the Firelands by the heroes. Eventually, Ragnaros found a new Majordomo - Majordomo Staghelm.

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