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Makio Nodachi is the corrupt managing director of ZAIA Enterprise Japan who has ties to Thinknet and a minor antagonist in the Kamen Rider Zero-One summer movie Kamen Rider Zero-One: REALxTIME.

He was portrayed by comedian Akira 100%.


Nodachi at some point became affiliated with S and leaked the schematics for the ZAIASpec to Thinknet, enabling Thinknet to produce specialized variants of the ZAIASpec that enabled their users to link to the website and project virtual avatars comprised of nanomachines.

As Thinknet began their campaign of terrorist attacks all across the world in preparation for doomsday, Nodachi attempted to head home so he could log in as well. He was stopped by Gai Amatsu, who captured him and brought him to be interrogated at the Hiden Intelligence building. At first, Nodachi refused to provide them with any information, including the passcode to his briefcase, leading Gai Amatsu to strip him naked to perform a "body check" on him. After bringing in some HumaGears to interrogate him however, Nodachi confessed the passcode for his briefcase and revealed to them the extent of Thinknet.

After Thinknet was defeated, Nodachi was brought into custody for his role in aiding and supplying technology to them.


  • Nodachi's actor, Akira 100%, is a comedian known for going nude for his acts, which is referenced by having Nodachi become naked later in the film.


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