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I'm having such a relaxing time.... I'll slaughter anyone who tries to disturbs me!
~ Mako Fujisaki

Note: At this time, the anime and manga Gokukoku no Brynhildr is ongoing. New details will be filled in as they are revealed.

Mako Fujisaki, also known as "Valkyria" is a superhuman being referred to as a "witch", but is actually a human implanted with an alien parasite by a mysterious organization. While these parasites normally bestow only one or to abilities, Fujisaki possesses ten abilities, including antimatter generation, spontaneously cutting any object, pyrokinesis, creation of energy barriers, teleportation, mind control, and three other as of yet unspecified. Mako was kept imprisoned in a laboratory and subjected to various unethical experiments. These actions turned her into a sociopath with a hatred of the entire human race, with the exception of Kuroha Neko, another "witch", who she saw as her sister, and Chisato Ichijuku, a scientist at the facility who she had fallen in love with after he saved her life during an experiment gone wrong. While Chisato does not return her affection, considering her little more than a tool for his own ends, Mako's love for him is such that she willingly obeys his every command in spite of this.

Mako Fujisaki was released by Ichijuku along with ten "witches" with power-limiting abilities in order to hunt down a group of escaped "witches", including Kuroha Neko, being hidden by anime and manga protagonist Ryouta Murakami, after four previous "witches" and a special forces unit had failed to do so. Shortly after being released, however, Fujisaki kills all of the power-limiting "witches" associated with her and escapes. While enjoying the view on a mountaintop overlook, a bystander arrives, "disturbing her relaxation", prompting Mako to kill him, as she does with practically anyone who even slightly annoys her. Shortly afterward, Fujisaki is confronted by police, prompting her to generate a small piece of antimatter and destroy the entire mountain in a nuclear-level blast, before teleporting away in search of her "sister", Kuroha Neko.

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