Makoos is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 1961 live action film Nikki, Wild Dog of the North. He is a malicious grizzly bear who wants to kill Neewa.

His vocal sound effects were provided by the late Clarence Nash.


As Neewa is exploring around the forest, he finds a bear paw and believed that it belonged to his mother, Noozak. As he bites it, it is revealed to be Makoos, an old he-bear of unlovely disposition and malevolent temper. He was not an old and grouchy bear, but he was also a hater of cubs. More than once in his day, he had committed the crime of cannibalism. He was what the Indian hunter calls "uchan" (a bad bear), an eater of his own kind. As Makoos chases Neewa up a tree, Noozak intervenes and battles with Makoos. Makoos gains the upper hand and kills Noozak.

After Nikki and Neewa become friends, Nikki then pushes Neewa off of a cliff and Makoos once again chases him up a tree. Nikki intervenes and Makoos chases him. As Nikki is being chased, he traps Makoos in a log and rolls him down a hill. Makoos then loses his temper after realizing that he has been defeated.


  • Noozak was not killed by Makoos in the book. Rather, she died of her old age before Neewa was adopted by Andre Dupas.


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