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Makoto Uesugi, also known as the Jewel Dopant, is a minor antagonist in Kamen Rider W, serving as the main antagonist in Episode 41 & 42.

He was portrayed by Ryunosuke Kawai.


Makoto Uesugi was a narcisstic and greedy fashion model who, whilst being popular, was a control freak and had a twisted sense of love and perfection. When he was in high school, he was obssessed with a school friend named Rui Jojima, but after Rui fell in love with Satoru, another one of his friends, Uesugi became filled with anger and jealousy, so much that he decided to get the girl he wanted.

After obtaining the Jewel Memory from the Museum, Uesugi used his Jewel Dopant form to get back on Satoru via turning him into a diamond on his ring. He used this to blackmail Rui into becoming his accomplice into stealing diamonds from the jewelry shops, under the proclaimations that she was the Jewel Dopant and would become a brighter star than Wakana Sonozaki herself.

In the meantime, Uesugi used his Jewel Dopant form to turn many innocent women into diamonds, believing that they would only be "perfected" after becoming what he believed to be the most perfect thing in the world, whilst forcing Rui to pose as the Jewel Dopant's understudy and take the fall for him.

To turn the table around, Rui used the gulliable nature of Detective Mikio Jinno (who was a close friend to the protagonist duo) and framed him for the theft, successfully getting attention from the Narumi Detective Agency. However, Uesugi played victim and had framed Rui as the Jewel Dopant, whilst secretly turning more women into diamonds in the progress, planning to have Rui killed as a Dopant whilst he himself leaving the city and getting away with everything.

Initially, Akiko and Jinno were both convinced that Uesugi was Rui's next target. After the investigation about the past between Rui, Satoru and Uesugi, however, Shotaro and Philip managed to discover that Uesugi was the culprit and was the one whom Rui hinted with a horrid nature - being obsessed with seeing whatever they cared about be destroyed.

After shielding Uesugi from Rui's trap, Shotaro turned the table and revealed that Uesugi was the mastermind, who blackmailed Rui into doing his dirty work whilst holding Satoru, now turned into a diamond on Uesugi's ring, as his hostage. Being exposed as the culprit and having his escape thwarted, Uesugi revealed his hateful true nature and attempted to throw the said diamond ring (Satoru) into the sea, but fortunately the ring was saved by Ryu Terui.

Then, Uesugi transformed into the Jewel Dopant and battled Kamen Riders. Philip deduced the Dopant's only weakness and defeated him by stricking at the jewel's eye in his belt. Defeated, Uesugi demanded why Rui had a police detective like Jinno involved, and Rui answered it was because he (Jinno) was as gulliable as she was, revealing that in the past she was tricked by Uesugi into taking the blame for him after he tore some pinwheels.

After the Jewel Memory was destroyed, Satoru and other victims were restored back to normal, and Uesugi was presumably arrested for his crimes.

Other Appearances

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum

The Jewel Dopant appeared as one of the revived monsters featured in Monster Army, and was destroyed by Wizard using his Kick Strike in Hurricane Style.



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