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Makuin of the Blob is the leader of the Yuumajuu and a major antagonist in Tensou Sentai Goseiger. He seeks to reform the world into a place for his kind to flourish in.

He is voiced by Chafurin who previously voiced Bucrates and later voiced Wilson.


Ages ago, Makuin and Kinggon terrorized the world until they were sealed in the Erurei Box by the Gosei Angel that would become Brajira of the Messiah.

In present day, the Erurei Box was unintentionally unearthed by Dereputa of the Meteor, allowing Brajira released Makuin and Kinggon to wreck havoc. Makuin and Kinggon soon discovered that the pollution that modern day humans made has gave the two a power boost. With it, they were able to overpower the Goseigers until Gosei Knight's arrived and forced the two Yuumajuu to fall back.

Makuin later initiates phase one of the Yuumajuu's final plan, though is apparently destroyed by Ground Gosei Great soon after. However, Makuin intends for his apparent demise to absorb the full brunt of Super Gosei Power before his remains are transferred into the Erurei Box to regenerate and create the Yuuma Hole to destroy the Earth.

The box is then enlarged and placed on top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, allowing Makuin to begin the final phase of their plan: absorbing the entire Earth. But the Goseigers travel inside and after overcoming his illusions they reach his core in the Yuuma Hole and destroy him forever.

Makuin's spirit later appears to Brajira in a futile attempt to attack him before being cast away.

Powers and Abilities

Makuin can use his Dorodorod cane to perform spells and manipulate his body. He can convert himself into the Yuuma Buster for Kinggon to use in their Yuuma Dynamic attack and says "Shimmering Yuumatick Power!"


  • He is named after The Blob, (titled "Mcqueen's Abolute Crisis" in Japan) with his name including the kanji for "membrane" and his animal motif being an earthworm.
  • Unlike Kinggon, Makuin appeared only in his own series and not in any crossovers.

See also

  • Bigs - Power Rangers counterpart in Megaforce.


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