The Makuta are the main antagonists that appeared in the entire BIONICLE series. These species were originally intended to enforce peace and stability in the Matoran Universe, until they became corrupted and began an oppressive and genocidal campaign that spanned the entire storyline.

There are also several Makuta who were the members of the Brotherhood of Makuta as they were tasked of maintaining the balance of the universe with Miserix who was appointed as their leader, though he was usurped and overthrew by Makuta Teridax, who became the Brotherhood's leader.


About 100,000 years ago, the Makuta species were created by the Great Spirit on the island in the far south of the Matoran Universe. He formed their bodies out of the Antidermis, the green substance created by the Great Beings. Later, several Makuta formed the organization called the Brotherhood of Makuta as Miserix who was appointed as the leader. They were also tasked of creating Rahi and plants to populate the universe as well as protecting the Matoran from their enemies such as the League of Six Kingdoms.

Following the Matoran Civil War, Miserix appointed each Makuta to the certain areas of the universe, in order to prevent any more uprising and maintain the peace of the universe.

When Teridax demanded the Convocation and revealed his plan of overthrowing the Great Spirit, several Makuta began to side with him. The remaining Makuta who were still loyal to Miserix were then executed by Gorast and Icarax, though Miserix was saved by Krika who hid him away in the island of Artidax.

The other Makuta who did not served the Brotherhood also began to aid Teridax's plan as they began their campaign of overthrowing the Great Spirit and take over the universe. The Makuta then shunned their inner light, thus becoming the creatures of darkness.

The Makuta later evolved into the state of pure energy

After Teridax took over the Great Spirit Robot, the remaining Makuta were captured and were forced to create the Rahkshi of Heat Vision, who then executed them once their usefulness was outlived. Teridax then ruled the universe and later attempted to conquer the planet called Spherus Magna though he was eventually killed by Mata Nui who then reformed the planet.

Following the reformation of Spherus Magna, Miserix and the alternate Teridax were the only surviving Makuta as they later helped the Toa and the Glatorian to defeat Velika.

Other Appearances

The Kingdom

In the alternate universe where Mata Nui died when Matoro failed to revive him, the Makuta attempted to migrate to the island of Mata Nui as the other beings were migrating towards the island, only to be stopped by Takanuva and the Order of Mata Nui and they were forced back underground.

When Teridax gained control of Icarax's body, he proceed to absorb all the Makuta into his essence, transforming himself into the mutated monstrosity. When Teridax absorbed Matoro into his essence, he have his will overpowered by Matoro's and was destroyed along with the other Makuta as well.

Dark Mirror

In the alternate universe where Tuyet formed the Toa Empire and ruled the universe, the Makuta were hunted and killed by the Toa Empire, leaving Teridax, Krika and Kojol the only survivors.

Known Makuta



  • There were 100 Makuta in the story as they are 85 male and 15 female.
  • The word Makuta was derived of "Makutu", a Maori word which means "evil knowledge" or "witchcraft".
  • When exposed to the Pit Mutagen, the Makuta are locked in their forms and lose access to some of their Kraata powers.
  • As compared to the Toa and the Matoran who were humanoid in appearance, the Makuta are more monstrous as their appearances are based on various animals, demons, alien life-forms and mythological creatures.
  • Most Makuta did not adhere to a single weapon and use it to exclusion of all else; instead, most possessed armories, and rotated their weapons on a regular basis.
  • As the Makuta were composed of Antidermis, they could not be revived in the Red Star.
  • So far, Miserix and the alternate Teridax are the two remaining Makuta alive.
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