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You and your friends are out of time.
~ Malachi to Jemma Simmons.

Malachi is a major antagonist in the TV series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., being the secondary antagonist of the sixth season and will presumably be the main antagonist of the seventh and final season.

He is a Chronicom Hunter who initially assisted Altarah in her quest to save their homeworld from destruction. However, he later betrays and kills her after seeing flaws in her plan and is now currently set upon taking over Earth as their new homeworld.

He is portrayed by Christopher James Baker.


At some point in his past, Malachi became a Chronicom Hunter. After their homeworld was destroyed by the Shrike, Malachi became a high-ranking enforcer of Chronicom military leader Altarah and began assisting her in her mission to prevent their race from being driven to near-extinction.

After Chronicoms failed to capture human Leo Fitz and fellow Chronicom Enoch, Altarah sent Malachi to capture Fitz. He was then captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and explained that Fitz is wanted for tampering with the universe, implying that the Chronicoms blame them for destroying their race. After the agents arrived on Kitson to find Fitz and Enoch, Malachi escaped and pursued them. Inside a bar, he fought a high Quake but he was able to capture Fitz and return to Altarah.

After Altarah captured the agents, she projected hologram of Malachi holding Fitz at gunpoint and beat him for not obeying instructions. She turned off the hologram to get them to comply. After the agents attempt to escape, Malachi is present during their standoff and then escorts Simmons away when she turns herself in to assist Fitz in helping them. Malachi was later knocked out after Enoch had second thoughts and escaped with the two humans. Later, Malachi was sent to hunt them down.


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