Malaka is a doctor in the Planet Trade Organization stationed on Planet Frieza 79. He is a minor villain in Dragon Ball Z.


Prior to being put on Planet Frieza 79, Malaka was stationed on Planet Vegeta. He and his colleague Planthorr were in charge of healing Bardock's wounds after Bardock and his crew returned from Planet Kanassa. Malaka noticed that Bardock's power reading was almost 10,000, on par with King Vegeta.

Malaka was at some point moved to Planet Frieza 79. He later healed Vegeta using the Medical Machine after he returned from his brutal defeat on Earth. Malaka expressed surprise at the excessive damage to the armor that occurred during the Saiyan's visit to Earth. Right before Vegeta entered his pod to go to Namek, Malaka offered him a scouter, which Vegeta took reluctantly.

Malaka later, along with several other soldiers, monitored the battle between Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza. Goku's power level was so immense, it caused the machines to explode.

Along with several other doctors, Malaka assisted in the construction of Frieza's new mechanical body under the orders of King Cold.


  • Malaka appears to be one of the few members of the PTO aware of King Cold's existence.
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