I don't know you any more.
~ Biggs to Ivanova before being shipped back to Earth

Malcolm Biggs was a human villain on the first season Babylon 5 episode The War Prayer.

He was portrayed by Tristan Rogers.

In the early 2250s Biggs had a relationship with a young EarthForce officer named Susan Ivanova. The affair between the two was passionate, but the two parted ways after Ivanova was assigned to the transfer station at Io.

At some point Biggs had become involved with the anti-alien extremist group Homeguard, and rose to a position of leadership in the organization. He maintained a legitimate front as a businessman.

In 2258 Biggs traveled to Babylon 5 to further the Homeguard plan to murder the Ambassadors Delenn, Kosh, G'Kar, and Londo Mollari. Seeing that Ivanova was now the executive officer on B5, he attempted to reignite the earlier romance. Ivanova very seriously considered getting back together with him, until Jeffrey Sinclair and Michael Garibaldi presented proof to her that he was a major figure in the Homeguard. This proof consisted namely of surveillance video of Biggs trying to recruit someone into the Homeguard. Ivanova agreed to help Sinclair infiltrate the organization with the goal of bringing the Homeguard on B5 down.

Thanks to Ivanova, Biggs completely fell for Sinclair's act - believing that Sinclair was just as big a bigot as he was. He let Sinclair in on his plan to murder the main four alien Ambassadors on B5 while his friends on Earth attacked the embassies there. Meanwhile Biggs and his people kidnapped an Abbai named Mila Shar, and wanted Sinclair to kill her as a test of loyalty. Sinclair, Ivanova, and B5 security then executed their plan to take down Biggs and his Homeguard compatriots. Biggs was able to line up a shot on Sinclair, but Ivanova had drawn her own PPG on Biggs and warned him he would be dead before he could get the shot off. Biggs dropped the weapon and was taken into custody by Garibaldi's people.

A short time later Biggs and his surviving Homeguard friends were shipped back to Earth. Before he was forced on to the transport Biggs angrily confronted Ivanova for betraying him, telling her that he didn't know her anymore. Ivanova responded that she had never truly known him before leaving.