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Malcolm "Snake" Coyle is a character in the HBO television series Oz. He appears as a minor antagonist in Augustus Hill's storyline during the first half of season 3.

He was portrayed by Anthony Criss (commonly known as Treach).


Malcolm Coyle was convicted January 17, 1999 for grand larceny, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and assault of a police officer.  What he wasn't caught for, however, was that he broke into a house and killed an entire family merely for fun. Imprisoned for armed robbery and assault of a police officer, Coyle is sent to Emerald City upon his arrival in Oz and is sponsored by Kenny Wangler. Coyle immediately earns Wangler's respect but is not trusted by Antonio Nappa, an affiliation to the Homeboys. Wangler and the rest of the Homeboys test Coyle's loyalty by beating him savagely in the gym which Coyle takes like a man.

Still distrustful about Coyle, Nappa transfers him from kitchen to the barbershop. While shaving Augustus Hill's beard, Coyle, in a desperate attempt to earn his respect, admits murdering an Italian-American family (consisted of five members) outside prison without never getting caught while his friend recorded everything on a videotape. First, he slit the mother's throat, then proceeded to rape her dying corpse and shortly afterwards stabbed the baby in the heart when the cries started to get on his nerves. Hill, disgusted of Coyle's crimes, snitches about Coyle to Warden Leo Glynn with the help of Kareem Said and as a result, Coyle is about to be transferred to Death Row.

Wangler wants to murder Hill in response for snitching, but Said enlists the help of the Italians, Latinos and even the Aryans to protect Hill from the Homeboys. Nappa, who respects family values, arranges Coyle to be murdered in his cell and the following day, he is found dead, tied against the bars with numerous stab wounds in his back. The Homeboys now get a clear message that Hill is untouchable and killing him would provoke the rest of the prison gangs to confront them.



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