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Villain Overview

Do you know what happens when you die? Well, if you’ve lived a life like I did, you go to Hell. Oh, yeah. In my case, it was for a couple of seconds. Down there though, it was years and years. And there’s a door just for you, and inside, well, it uses your own love against you. For me, I love life. Everything about it, I got a hunger for it. So, they starved me. No food. No other people. No nothing. No TV.
~ Malcolm describing to Dan Espinoza his time in Hell.

Malcolm Graham is a supporting antagonist in the TV series Lucifer, serving as the secondary/final antagonist of Season 1, the posthumous overarching antagonist of Season 2 and a minor posthumous antagonist in the subsequent seasons.

He was a corrupt L.A.P.D. homicide detective who was shot and killed by Dan Espinoza before being brought back to life from Hell by Amenadiel in exchange for helping him return Lucifer Morningstar there. However, since Malcolm had lost his sanity in the underworld, he became obsessed with not returning there and started going on a killing spree in the process, before being stopped and killed by Chloe Decker.

He was portrayed by Kevin Rankin, who also played Kenny in Breaking Bad and Carl Killick in White House Down.


Mel: Ever since he almost died, he--he's been different, he's been strange and I can't describe it.
Mazikeen: He has a newfound appetite, an insatiable hunger he just can't seem to fill. It only gets worse.
~ Mazikeen explaining to Chloe and Mel about Malcolm's behavior following his return from Hell.

Although Malcolm's personality before his death is mysterious and up for debate, it is shown that he was already a shady police detective who took pleasure in abusing his position for money. He was charming and cunning enough to hide his corruption that his colleagues (except for Dan) and not even his family suspected he was leading a double life. He also had no hesitation to make sure no one would out him for his deceit, including Chloe when she saw him exchanging with criminals and would've killed her had Dan not shot him. It is also unknown how he felt towards his family since his life with them before being comatose, but given how much they were tearful of him dying, it is possible that it was loving. However, as Malcolm is known for his immorality and deception, it is also possible that it was one-sided or that he simply pretended to care about them so he would be able to hide his true nature.

Since his resurrection by Amenadiel, Malcolm showed to retain his old traits as he remained charismatic, deceitful, immoral and cunning, except in secret, his time in Hell had traumatized him that it felt him utterly paranoid and cowardly as he understood where his life was going to end him up. However, rather than try and turn his life around and seek redemption so he could earn his chance to go to Heaven when he dies, he retorted to questionable methods to make sure he never went back, thus making him an hypocrite who couldn't accept his mistakes and accept his second chance at life to make things right, very dissimilar to Charlotte Richards. Also unlike Charlotte, Malcolm never felt remorse for his actions and didn't care about the people he hurt and the relationships he ruined as long as it would mean he never returned to the underworld, including breaking up Dan and Chloe's relationship after the former refused to help him kill Lucifer for Amenadiel. This also includes killing his own partner and setting him up for corruption and attempting to frame Dan for the death of Lucifer for refusing to help him.

Not only did Malcolm's traumatizing time in Hell left him highly paranoid and fearing for his own life, it also left him with an uncontrollable obsession for all things. According to Mazikeen, he has a newfound appetite, an insatiable hunger that he cannot seem to satisfy or fill which would get much worse. Since he loved life and everything it has to offer (such as food, entertainment, money, etc.), he began constantly buying electronics and eating food as he was unable to have any such things in Hell, and saw no reason to stopped since he spent all of his family's money. His wife Mel fearfully told Chloe and Maze that he had also become violent, angry and dangerous that he sometimes was able to bury while he was in public, despite him being seen eating all kinds of food constantly. It is also possible that Malcolm became abusive towards his family given how much Mel was shaken and trying to kill him if he came back home. His state of mind had also driven him to the point of disrespecting his family vows as he suggested to Lucifer into having a party with girls at Lux, implying his hedonistic impulses.

After Lucifer told him about Amenadiel's deception and offered him a new way out of Hell, Malcolm continued to lose his sanity and became fanatically deranged to the point of shedding any redeeming traits. He developed an obsession with Lucifer for turning out to be the actual devil from the Bible and would go on to kill several Satanists whom he deemed as frauds for not knowing the real him. He also considered himself a true believer of the devil due to being the only one who's been to Hell and back to tell the tale, openly displaying his narcissistic side. His further derangement then came into the form of him being delusional as he believed that killing the Satanists and framing Jacob Williams would please Lucifer, only to learn that Lucifer hates being considered evil. After Lucifer escape police custody after he framed him for the murders, Malcolm would return to his paranoia and resorted to any resource to find money and skip town such as forcing his criminal contacts to give him money and angrily demanding his wife to give him more money. After his money was seized by the police, Malcolm's morality reached a new low as he kidnapped Chloe's daughter and threatened to kill her if she didn't return his money, showing his disregard for innocent children. He also had no longer any sense of honor and attempted to kill Chloe and Trixie despite doing what he requested.

List of Victims

  • Anthony Paolucci - shot in the head
  • Rose Davis - stabbed in the chest
  • Mike "Corazon" Carey - stabbed repeatedly
  • Jacob Williams - shot in the head and framed Lucifer for the murder
  • Lucifer Morningstar - shot in the chest; however was later revived by God


Appearances of Malcolm Graham

Season 1

  • "Pilot" (mentioned)
  • "Sweet Kicks" (mentioned)
  • "Wingman"
  • "Et Tu, Doctor"
  • "A Priest Walks into a Bar"
  • "Pops"
  • "St. Lucifer"
  • "#TeamLucifer"
  • "Take Me Back to Hell"

Season 2

  • "Everything's Coming Up, Lucifer" (mentioned)

Season 3

  • "Off the Record" (mentioned)
  • "Infernal Guinea Pig" (mentioned)

Season 4

  • "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno" (mentioned)


  • He was in Hell for a short period of time before being brought back to life. However, it felt like several years for him. His punishment consisted of being starved, due to his hunger for life. This included denying him access to food, water, people, and entertainment. This punishment also may have been part of the reason he became more unhinged during his later appearences.
  • Malcolm is the first main antagonist to never originate in the Sandman comics or appear in any forms of religion and theology.
  • He is arguably an indirect polar opposite to Season 3 supporting protagonist Charlotte Richards (who was revived by Goddess in Season 2), as while both were souls in Hell who were revived by Celestial beings, Charlotte didn't waste her second chance at life and sought to redeem herself before dying and going to Heaven while Malcolm became deranged and hungry for everything he can get his hands on before being sent back to Hell where he belongs.
  • He is currently rumored to return in Season 5 as one of the several tortured souls that Lucifer visits while in Hell.

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