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Do you know what happens when you die? Well, if you’ve lived a life like I did, you go to Hell. Oh, yeah. In my case, it was for a couple of seconds. Down there though, it was years and years. And there’s a door just for you, and inside, well, it uses your own love against you. For me, I love life. Everything about it, I got a hunger for it. So, they starved me. No food. No other people. No nothing. No TV.
~ Malcolm describing to Dan Espinoza his time in Hell.

Detective Malcolm Graham was the main antagonist of Season 1 of the TV series Lucifer, and a mentioned character in the subsequent seasons.

He was a corrupt L.A.P.D. homicide detective who was shot and killed by Dan Espinoza before being brought back to life from Hell by Amenadiel in exchange for helping him return Lucifer Morningstar to Hell. However, since Malcolm had lost his sanity in the underworld, he became obsessed with not returning there and started going on a killing spree in the process. He was eventually stopped and killed by Chloe Decker.

He was portrayed by Kevin Rankin, who also played Kenny in Breaking Bad and Carl Killick in White House Down.


Getting Shot

At some point in his life, Malcolm became a police detective at the Los Angeles Police Department. However, in secret, he became corrupt and dealt with other criminals by acting as their informant in exchange for money. He was meeting up with some gang members at Palmetto Street while a police sting operation was in effect. He spotted fellow Detective Chloe Decker watching him but didn't react. Just as he was finishing up with the deal, he was shot by fellow officer Detective Dan Espinoza from behind with the criminals being killed.

Afterwards, Malcolm fell into a coma but his condition was too severe to the point of him being on life-support. Chloe suspected that he was indeed corrupt, but due to being the only known witness and that there was no evidence to back her up, the other cops didn't believe her and have ever since then insulted her at every opportunity, especially Malcolm's partner Anthony Paolucci. Even Malcolm's wife Mel hated Chloe ever since for investigating him for corruption.


For many months, the entire department praised Malcolm as a hero and supported the family through their grief. Eventually, after coming to the conclusion that Malcolm was not going to recover and decided to turn off the machine so he could pass away. The department held a memorial service to give him an honorable sendoff. During this, Chloe learned that a cop shot Malcolm and officially closed the case, secretly continuing in order to get the advantage.

Mel and her family were at Malcolm's bedside and tearfully had the doctor turn off his machine, accepting that there was nothing more that could be done. However, the angel Amenadiel, tired of failing to get his brother Lucifer back to Hell, was watching from outside the window and after placing his hand on, he revived Malcolm and his heart started beating again, much to the astonishment of his family, the doctors and a nearby priest.

Deal with Amenadiel

With the the precinct now aware that Malcolm has survived his gunshot wound, he was thrown a celebration party as he recovered him, with Chloe and Dan attending. Malcolm later meets with Chloe in her home to explain that whoever shot him dead clearly doesn't have a problem with shooting cops. Unknown to his family or colleagues, Malcolm had his own secret agenda regarding the shooting as he made a deal with Amenadiel to kill a certain someone in exchange for not having to return to Hell ever again.

Malcolm, knowing that Dan was the cop who shot him, practised his partner Anthony Paolucci's handwriting to create his suicide letter and killed him to set him up as the one who shot him instead. Meeting up with Dan, he confesses that it took him a long time to write the note and that he knew Dan was the cop who shot him. When asked why he didn't reveal him as the true culprit, he says that he wants to work with him for his own intentions otherwise he will start talking, therefore blackmailing him.

Trying to Kill Lucifer

Under pressure from Amenadiel to fulfil his end of their deal, Malcolm ordered Dan to collect an untraceable weapon from evidence lockup so he can kill the target. Amenadiel then finds him eating greedily in a diner and reminds him of him possibly returned to Hell, much to Malcolm's absolute horror as his 30 seconds being dead was actually 30 years in the dimension. Asking about whom the target was, Amenadiel answered that it was Lucifer Morningstar.

Malcolm later tells Dan as he wants his cooperation due to the latter's complete dislike towards Lucifer. However, a few days later, Dan wanted out and intended to arrest him, regardless if he was exposed for shooting Malcolm. However, Malcolm overpowered him and fought him to the point of putting him in a headlock until he was unconscious. He then sees Dan's phone receiving a text from Chloe, who wanted to try and rebuild their relationship. Malcolm decides to end it.

Malcolm brought Dan to a basement and held him there while explaining that he was going to frame him for killing Lucifer before leaving. He later returned with food and explained to Dan his time in Hell, as it felt like years even though it was for thirty seconds. Dan, not believing him, declared him as crazy. He remained confident in making sure Dan would take the fall for his actions.

He then arrived at Lucifer's penthouse at Lux and explained how Amenadiel sent him to kill him and send him to Hell. Lucifer tried to scare him with his "devilface", but was unfazed due to already being in Hell. He then explained what he would get in return for killing him, but Lucifer laughed at his, because Amenadiel duped him due to his status as an angel. However, he quickly offered him his Pentecostal Coin, which would allow him to escape Hell. Malcolm accepts it and leaves Lux.

Killing Spree

Becoming fanatically delusional with the devil himself, Malcolm goes on a killing spree and mutilates Satanism followers, viewing them as frauds. He started by killing follower Rosie Davis and posed him in a theatre stage while carving "HAIL LUCIFER" into her back. He was later confronted by Amenadiel for not killing Lucifer, but Malcolm calmly reveals that he knows that he cannot send him back to Hell or prevent him from going there, thus betraying him in the process.

Malcolm later kills Mike Carey and posed his body in a warehouse. He even left a message "MORNINGSTAR", thus drawing attention to Lucifer himself. He is alongside him, Chloe and Dan when they found the body. He then escorts Lucifer to his nightclub. At Lux, Malcolm unintentionally reveals the second victim's blood on his hand, thus revealing his true, insane nature. Lucifer attempts to punish him but Amenadiel intervenes, allowing Malcolm to escape.

Framing Lucifer

Enraged by this, Malcolm kills a con artist and leaves his body at Lux to frame Lucifer for his death as well as the Satanists'. He returns when the police investigate the murder. Dan instantly realizes Malcolm was behind the murders, while Malcolm quietly steals Maze's demon blade, which would help him try and kill Celestial beings. He also learnt that Lucifer escaped the police, much to his worries.

Knowing that Lucifer will come after him, Malcolm went to an associate to get him a new identity so he can escape, but still needed $100,000 to pay it off. He then returned home, scaring his wife due to not being the same after he was revived, and told her that he needed money before leaving. He visited an old associate named Tommy Campolongo to get more money. When Lucifer and Amenadiel attacked the site, Malcolm forced Tommy to give him the $100,000 he needed. He then ambushed Amenadiel and stabbed him with Maze's blade. Just as he was about to escape, Chloe shot at him, forcing him to leave without the money. Back at the precinct, Dan turns himself in and reveals Malcolm's actions.


Angry that he was now forced on the run, Malcolm kidnapped Chloe's daughter Trixie and called her with an ultimatum: bring him the money without telling anyone or he'll kill her. Chloe does so as promised, but Malcolm decides to kill them anyway. Lucifer intervenes and allows her to leave. However, due to her still being around, Malcolm successfully shoots and kills Lucifer before proceeding to kill Chloe. Just as he was about to, Lucifer attacked him and allowed Chloe to shoot him. Malcolm then learns that Lucifer took the Pentecostal Coin and watched it turn to ash as it was "one-time use only". Malcolm then succumbs to his wounds and returns to Hell and live out his eternal damnation once more.


Before his brief lapse of death, it is implied that he was a corrupt and amoral cop, working with gangsters and Los Angeles's underground as an informant.

Since his resurrection by Amenadiel, Malcolm is shown to be devious and unchecked, even admitting himself that his time in Hell left him deranged. He is psychopathic, killing whenever he sees an opportunity to use it, such as when he killed his own partner and framed it as a suicide as a favour to Dan. He is seen stuffing his face with platters of food and acting out various, hedonistic impulses, implied to have been due to the starvation he faced during his period in Hell.

Despite whatever apathy he has for authority, he does honour whatever agreements he has with those he bargains with. He hatches a scheme to kill Lucifer and frame Dan for his murder when told to kill him by Amenadiel, only to decline when Lucifer tells him that angels do not have any control over a soul's fate, nor are they allowed to kill mortals. He then proceeds to kill Satanists Rose Davis and Corazon with the intentions of framing Jacob Williams for them out of a twisted sense of loyalty to Lucifer, thinking that Lucifer would appreciate killing "frauds".


  • Anthony Paolucci - shot in the head
  • Rose Davis - stabbed in the chest
  • Mike "Corazon" Carey - stabbed repeatedly
  • Jacob Williams - shot in the head and framed Lucifer for the murder
  • Lucifer Morningstar - shot in the chest; however was later revived by God


Appearances of Malcolm Graham

Season 1

  • "Pilot" (mentioned)
  • "Sweet Kicks" (mentioned)
  • "Wingman"
  • "Et Tu, Doctor"
  • "A Priest Walks into a Bar"
  • "Pops"
  • "St. Lucifer"
  • "#TeamLucifer"
  • "Take Me Back to Hell"

Season 2

  • "Everything's coming up, Lucifer" (mentioned)

Season 3

  • "Off the Record" (mentioned)
  • "Infernal Guinea Pig" (mentioned)

Season 4

  • "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno" (mentioned)


  • Since the season premiere "Pilot", it was widely assumed that Amenadiel would be the first season's main antagonist and Malcolm was the secondary antagonist. However, since "#TeamLucifer", the reveal of Malcolm's true colors and goals showed that he was, in fact, the true main antagonist.
  • He was in Hell for a short period of time before being brought back to life. However, it felt like an eternity for him. His punishment consisted of being starved, due to his hunger for life. This included denying him access to food, water, people, and entertainment.
  • Malcolm is the first main antagonist to never originate in the Sandman comics or appear in any forms of religion and theology.


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