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If he were meant to be a good guy, he'll probably be called "Benedict". This malevolent landlord grabs all the land he can get, and punishes his delinquent tenants by repossessing their stuff. A sad turn for the man who was once your benefactor and your mom's ex-husband.

Malcolm Landgraab is the main antagonist in the video game The Sims Bustin' Out. Malcolm's main duty is to collect possessions as compensation from anyone who hasn't or doesn't pay mortgage. Malcolm also steals items from sims who annoy him. He appears at the beginning of every new location.


Mom's House

As it turns out, Malcolm and Mom are divorced. Mom (who is the mother of the player's sim) is upset over the divorce. To make matters worse, Malcolm steals a motorbike belonging to Mom. However, the player's sim manages to get a job. After this happens, Dudley or Mimi (depending on the gender of the player's sim) returns the bike. The player's sim then moves out and embarks on a new path to avenge Mom.

Dudley's Trailer

Ashamed, Malcolm steals possessions from his only son Dudley who lives in a trailer. This includes an air hockey table and a video game console. Malcolm tells Dudley to get a job. Dudley refuses to work. Instead, he relies on his roommate (the player's sim) to pay the bills, clean the apartment, and acquire the items that were stolen by Malcolm. After receiving two promotions at work, Dudley's roommate moves out of the trailer. Before leaving, Dudley reimburse his roommate.

Mimi's Place

Fed up with his daughter's excessive spending, Malcolm takes Mimi's custom stove and private juice bar. This causes her to become upset and vergal.

Studio 8


Goth Manor


Toane's Gym

Due to lack of membership, Toane's Gym is unable to pay its mortgage. This results in Malcolm repossessing some of the gym's equipment. Desperate, the owners Max Payne and his sister Goldie look for a total of new sims to join the gym.

Casa Caliente


Club Rubb

Malcolm pays dancers Bing Bling and Mona Lott to convert his warehouse into condominiums. They decide to convert the warehouse into a nightclub.

Shiny Things Lab

Scientists Makino Nada and Vaughn Braun and

The Octagon


Tinsel Bluffs


Pixel Acres

Residents Chase Skurtz and Ying Yangst refuse to pay the rent for their home Pixel Acres. They are hippies and believe the land should be free. Angered over the refusal to pay rent, Malcolm steals their ping pong table and tetherball. As revenge, Ying and Chase throw a nudist party and invite Malcolm. While Malcolm is naked, Chase calls the police and gets Malcolm arrested for indecent exposure. However, Malcolm manages to escape indictment (probably through bribery).

Malcolm's Mansion

In an ironic twist of roles, Malcolm loses his mansion to the player's sim. Mom runs onto the screen and slaps him. Malcolm runs away before vowing he will eventually get his mansion back. However, this never happens.


Malcolm wears a white business suit, top hat, and fox pelt on his left shoulder. He wears dark brown sunglasses in the game's cut scenes.


Malcolm Landgraab is the epitome of a greedy businessman. He cares more about money than anything or anyone else including his own children. He is social and mingles with the upper class. Malcolm loves to party and he will attend almost social gathering.