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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Malebolgia from the 1997 film. The mainstream version can be found here: Malebolgia.

If you won't lead my army, then you must die.
~ Malebolgia to Spawn.

Malebolgia is the main antagonist of the 1997 film Spawn. Like in the comics, he is the ruler of Hell and made a bargain with Spawn after he was killed by the hands of his former boss, Jason Wynn.

He was voiced by Frank Welker.


Like his comic counterpart, he is an intelligent and diabolical mastermind who tricks others into doing his bidding and have them killed if they are no longer useful to him or betrays him.


Malebolgia is first seen in a flashback bargaining with Spawn. He offers him a deal: If he leads his army he'll be able to see Wanda again. Once Spawn agreed, Malebolgia sends him back to Earth after five years of preparing for him.

Once Spawn meets Cyan and takes her back to Wanda, Clown appears in a cheerleader uniform and dancing while singing about Spawn being #1. However, Malebolgia teleports him back to Hell and is furious tells him to make sure Spawn keeps his end of the bargain. Clown replies that he should lead Hell's army but stops once Malebolgia grabs by his jacket. Malebolgia tells him that Spawn must choose to murder Wynn so the virus can be released on Earth and then complete his army.

With Wynn's plan falls apart, the deceased Wanda revealed to be Clown disguising as the wife and the whole plan was to have Spawn kill Wynn to start the apocalypse. Once the frustrated Clown attempts to kill both Spawn and Wynn and devoured Wanda, Cogliostro appears and cuts Clown's left shoulder, causing him to return back to Hell. Once arriving there and defeated Violator, Malebolgia and many other Hellspawns appeared. Malebolgia gives Spawn a choice of whether he leads his army or die. When Spawn refuses, he orders his army to kill him, but fails when both Spawn and Cogliostro escape from Hell.





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