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The heart is frail. Its weaknesses are never fully vanquished. Given the opportunity, it can betray you and return to darkness.
~ The Malevolent Entity

The Malevolent Entity is the primary antagonist of Persona 4 Arena who is currently unnamed.


Persona 4 Arena

As the true mastermind behind the events of the game, it was the Malevolent Entity who had Labrys thrown into the Midnight Channel after tampering with the artificial maiden's memories. It sought to use the events of the game to break the wills of those involved and turn their Personas into Shadows, to recruit the other selves for a currently unknown goal. It is however revealed that the Malevolent Entity has allied itself with an ordinary human in order to use the human to find something the Malevolent Entity refers to as 'the One True Vessel'. This human, identified only as the Eerie Voice, is implied to have a connection to the Kirijo Group, as he shows himself capable of utilizing Kirijo Group protocols and taking control of Kirijo Group technology such as Labrys at will.

While its true form is unknown, the Malevolent Entity exhibits a wide range of powers; It is capable of appearing out of and disappearing into thin air at will, shape-shifting, duplicating the powers of others, telepathy and even outright mind control, among other abilities. The Entity appears before the Shadow Operatives and the Investigation Team posing as their Shadow Selves in order to weaken the protagonists' resolves throughout the game, and eventually serves as the final boss for Naoto Shirogane and the Shadow Operatives' story modes.



  • After fighting Kanji Tatsumi in his own story mode, the Malevolent Entity reveals its true voice and motives, while still in Shadow Kanji's form.
  • Much popular claim in the past had the Entity/Hinokagutsuchi compared to Nyarlathotep, the villain of the Persona 2 games, with most believing they were the same entity, but in the end they were both different beings and it may have been a deliberate nod to Nyarlathotep in general on Atlus' part.
    • Both are collective wills of mankind's darkness in general.
    • Both can transform into complete copies of the main characters as impersonations of their Shadow selves.
    • Both have worked with a certain character with a motif for the "Joker" term. There exists two villains with the name "Joker" in the original Persona 2 games, and Sho Minazuki's normal leitmotif is called "The Joker".
    • Both are voiced by Patrick Seitz in English, oddly enough.

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