Malfatto is a minor character in the videogame Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. He was a member of the Templar Order, and a mute doctor who was notorious for killing courtesans.

Malfatto was an infamous serial killer of courtesans in Rome, and he was feared enough to catch the eye of Cesare Borgia, who wished to recruit Malfatto into his personal army.

Malfatto, now under Cesare's employment, hunted in the area near to the Tiber river, where he would soon claim his next victim, a courtesan named Mina. Mina's friend found her, and as she cried over her corpse, the Assassin Ezio Auditore happened upon the bloody scene.

Ezio offered to help, after which the courtesan directed him to track Malfatto down and make him pay. The Assassin searched through the district, following the directions of several courtesans he passed, who pointed him in the right direction.

Finally, Ezio found Malfatto standing by a medical stall, but the murderer fled, with Ezio in close pursuit. After a brief chase, Ezio sent his Assassin recruits in for the kill. As Malfatto lay dead, Ezio held a hand over his mask and offered him his last rites.

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