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Malicia is the main antagonist of the adventure videogame King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride.


Malicia is an evil sorceress native to the land of Eldritch and seek to destroy all of Etheria, a land in the clouds above Eldritch, planning on using the power of the Volcanix Underground to cause a potentially cataclysmic volcanic eruption and also seeks ways to get rid of Rosella, who she views as a threat to her plan. She kidnaps King Otar Fenris III and hides him in Ooga Booga Land, and transforms Edgar into King Otar's form and brainwashes him into doing her bidding.

Malicia is also responsible for cursing the Tsepish family and personally had Count Tsepish beheaded and cursed him to the dreaded fate of undeath. She also has other evil followers, who aid her in her dark deeds, like Boogeyman, a swamp monster, her dog, Cuddles, and her nasty gargoyle.

Malicia's plan comes to a climax when the volcano begins to erupt but Rosella manages to free Edgar with the help of Otar, Malicia arrives to try and stop them - attacking Edgar but instead injuring Otar when he jumps in the line of fire.

Malicia proceeds to teleport Rosella into the volcano in hopes of killing her only for Rosella to dig her way free as Titania and Oberon work together to build a magic web that stops the volcano from erupting, ruining Malicia's plan once and for all.

Rosella arrives back to where Otar lays and helps him recover before she is reunited with both Edgar and her mother, however an enraged Malicia once again appears and engages Edgar in a magical duel when he refuses to let her harm Rosella.

After defeating Edgar Malicia tries to cast a curse of Rosella only to have her magic used against her due to a Mysterious device Rosella had obtained in her previous quests, Malicia was thus transformed into an infant and when Titania and Oberon arrived to find Edgar (who was their son) Titania lifted the infant Malicia and informed everyone that Malicia was her sister but "something had went terribly wrong" - she promises to care for Malicia however and start anew, whether or not she is successful is currently unknown.


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