The Malifishmertz Evil Tradesman Association is the main antagonistic faction of the Phineas and Ferb episode "Excaliferb". It is is the fantasy counterpart of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated as it only takes place in a story read by Carl to a sick Monogram, and it is led by the evil wizard Malifishmertz.


Malifishmertz founded the organization in his plot to take over the Tri-Kingdom Area, eventually gaining a nemesis named Parable the Dragonpus. It was until one day Parable soon learned of Malifishmertz new plot of creating an army of Meatlings to take over the Tri-Kingdom Area, that he headed over to Malifishmertz's building to confront him.

Howeever, anticipating Parable's arrival, Malifishmertz arranges for his right-hand man (the Lawn Gnorme) to trap Parable in a wicker cage before explaining his plan to him. Malifishmertz also reveals that a group of kids are onto uncovering a legendary sword (known as Excaliferb) that will summon an army of monster to stop him, so he sent up a network of spies (including the Shepherd Spy) to watch on them. Malifishmertz also revealed that he previously casted a rain spell, so that the Meatlings would grow bigger and stronger in combat.

Though Parable was able to free himself from the cage, he was of no match against Malifishmertz's magic and ends up being defeated. However, the kids managed to get the sword to summon the army of monsters and confront Malishmertz of his plot, though the sword was destroyed afterwards. Despite being outnumbered, Malifishmertz shows no fear and instead orders his Meatlings to attack while transforming himself into a giant dragon-like monster to even the odds. He even used his own lair to attack Parable (who was briefly transformed into a giant dragon) during the battle.

Eventually, a peace treaty was drafted, and Malifishmertz was locked on a stock, though he takes the opportunity to escape, planning to fight another day in a potential sequel to the story. As such, the Malifishmertz Evil Tradesman Association is closed down despite Malefishmertz's escape.


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