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But what will I find? My loyal friend or a man at the bottom of the lake?
~ Malik

Malik is the main antagonist of Kazaam

He was portrayed by Marshall Manesh.


Malik was the owner of a popular nightclub. Behind the scenes however, he was operating a massive audio CD piracy operation with the help of a man named Nick. Through Nick, Malik met his son Max and a magical genie named Kazaam. The genie Kazaam was also a master rapper which caught the eye of Malik who wanted to sign him to a record deal. Later when Malik discovered that Kazaam is also a genie who can grant wishes, he kidnapped Max and stole the magical boombox that allows it's user to be Kazaam's master. Malik then shoved Max down an elevator shaft. Malik was convinced that Kazaam must then obey him, but for some reason that wasn't actually true. Thus, the raging Kazaam then transformed Malik into a basketball and slam dunked him into a garbage disposal, killing him.

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