Malika Stanyan

Malika Stanyan is the main antagonist of the Fillmore! episode "Red Robins Don't Fly". She is the leader of the Red Robins Club at X Middle School who was once a former partner Horatio Vallejo.

She was voiced by Lynsey Bartilson.


Malika was first seen when the Red Robins took in a new member Ingrid Third after the Safety Patrol found a shipment of stolen band candy buried beneath the school lake. To see if Third could fit in, Malika tasks her to create a cleverly devious anagram of their competitors (the Pioneer Lasses), to which Third successfully does so. She was even surprised to see Third sabotaging Jamie Townsend by wrapping him up in pink paper.

Since Malika is graduating from the 8th grade, she plans on having Third to take over as the new leader of the Red Robins. Little did she know that Third is actually a Safety Patrol officer going undercover, and that her partner Fillmore and Vallejo are growing very worried about her. Vallejo explained to Fillmore that Malika was once a Safety Patrol officer who went rogue after joining the Red Robins. Third eventually learned that during Malika's rise as leader of the Robins, she established the Vault, a room in the old AV Club room hidden behind a bookshelf that has all of the stolen candy and supplies that they extorted from their competitors.

Reflecting on how she almost fell into Malika's dark path, Third revealed herself to Malika, who escaped on a stolen bike. Fortunately, Third gets Fillmore to trap Malika by sending her to fall into a pool. It can be implied that Malika and the Red Robins are sent into custody and given either detention or suspension for their villainous actions.


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