And so it comes to this. You, shaking in your too-large robes. A flimsy wand trembling in your grasp. The sour scent of fear sweat in the air. And me. EXULTANT in my mastery of magic. In a small way, I should thank you. If you had not sent me spinning off into the void, had not destroyed Morganthe, I might not have been able to achieve this. At my moment of greatest pain and confusion and despair, the locked gates of the Spiral opened before me, and I was able to master Shadow. Once you are but a memory and a pinch of dust upon the wind, I will have the power to restore my Sylvia to her vibrant form. Then we can live out our lives as we planned. Quietly and in peace. And Shadow take any who get in our way. I challenged you under the ancient Law of Kan Davasi. It is just between us now, Wizard. Prepare your spells and face my cold fury!
~ Malistarire challenging the protagonist in Castle Darkmoor.

Malistaire is the main antagonist of the first half of the online game Wizard101. He is a former teacher of the wizard academy of Ravenwood as the head instructor of the Necromancy classes. He hatches many plots throughout the Spiral (known universe of the game) and seeks great and terrible power.


Malistaire was originally one of several teachers in Ravenwood academy, he specialized in the Necromancy and became the foremost expert within the school. His twin brother, Cyrus, headed up the myth classes for Conjuration and his wife, Sylvia, headed up life magic classes for Theurgy and between them, the three oversaw all the spirit schools of magic, as opposed to the elemental schools of magic.One day Sylvia became extremely sick and passed away. Malistaire became depressed, then demented. Malistaire became unfit for teaching and left Ravenwood. When he left, Malistaire took his entire section of the campus with him. He hid it away from the rest of the school and went out on his own to do research.

Wandering across the Spiral, Malistaire eventually came to Dragonspyre, a world of former beauty that had been destroyed by a fierce battle between the residents of the world and a terrible creature known as the Dragon Titan. Malistaire took up Dragonspyre as his new home and began delving into the secrets of summoning the now sealed Dragon Titan from its stasis.

Main Quest-line

When the game starts the player will encounter Malistaire returning to the school to steal some research materials from Headmaster Ambrose's tower. Over the course of the game Malistaire tracks down the ancient book known as the Krokonomicon from the world of Krokotopia (an ancient Egyptian themed world whose native residents are all reptiles). The player will find the book had already been excavated from its tomb by the Marleybone explorers and shipped back to their museum in the realm of Marleybone.

Malistaire had already traveled went to Marleybone and freed Meowiarty, a recently captured master thief of Marleybone. Malistaire asked the master thief to steal the Krokonomicon from its secured location in exchange for his freedom, something Meowiarty is more than happy to faclitate. The player will finally catch out to Meowiarty and Malistaire just after Meowiarty has made good on his end of the bargain. While Meowiarty battles the protagonist, Malistaire leaves with the knowledge of the Krokonomicon in his possession.

Malistare and Sylvia

Malistaire and Sylvia

Malistaire returns to Dragonspyre to preform the ritual to raise the Dragon Titan and make it use its power to bring his wife fully back to life; for though Malistaire was a necromancer (a very advanced one), his attempts to completely undo death had failed and he could only reanimate Sylvia as a lich-like undead creature. With the Dragon Titan awake, and presumably under his control, Maslistare intended to channel its power to maximize his own - giving him the power to completely reverse death. He was unaware that the Dragon Titan is far more powerful than him. However, he is stopped by the protagonist in a fight that appears to kill him, unlike other fights in the game, where the defeated are simply wounded. Malistaire and Sylvia Drake's ghosts are seen exchanging a touching conversation before both disappearing into the spirit world together, though it isn't the last of Malistaire the player sees.

Additional Quests

After enough time for Malistaire to become either a blur or completely forgotten, he makes an assisted return in Azteca, an Aztec themed world of dinosaurs, as the Shadow Queen's right-hand man, but he has obviously suffered decay and his head, the only recognizable part of him left, is covered in a hood for most of the world's quests. He is also referred to as "Dark Servant" and has his true identity hidden until he is battled in Xibalba, the comet Morganthe summoned to destroy Azteca, where he announces his hatred for the protagonist despite him/her being the one to reunite him with Sylvia. He and the protagonist battle, however, once defeated he will seemingly prepare for a spell intended to kill the player, but a huge chunk of the comet breaks loose and hurtles away, with him on it, and he is presumed, once again, dead.

He makes a brief appearance in Khrysalis, Morganthe's seat of power, but only as a memory. While inside one of Radiance Reborn's towers, you observe one of Morganthe's memories, where she is being expelled from Ravenwood by Malistaire, as it was in the distant past, before the loss of Sylvia. The player takes control of the memory for a battle between Malistaire and Morganthe, who refuses to be expelled, until Merle Ambrose Breaks up the fight and scolds them both. This is the last required encounter with Malistaire required by the story.

After somehow surviving in the void between worlds, he makes a home in Darkmoor, a haunted world. He challenges the player to a duel under "the laws of Kan Devasi", which creates a barrier that only the receiver and their kind can enter. Darkmoor consists of 3 different dungeons, each one harder than the last. They are the hardest instances in the game. Malistaire makes his home in the Graveyard's Abbey, where most of the third dungeon takes place. Before battling Shane von Shane, the ghost of Sylvia appears and tells the player, a familiar friend to her, that she is confused to as why they are both here. After ending the dialog, Shane appears and engages the player. After the fight with Shane, the player pushes deeper into the Abbey, where they find Malistaire, in the same form he was in when the comet broke. He still feels hatred for the player, but thanks them for inadvertently paving his path of power, as well as intimidating them. When the player moves closer, a huge skeletal dragon flies onto the wall. It plays a large part in the coming battle. When Malistaire's health reaches zero, he transforms to his second form, which could mean certain doom without proper setup. At the end of this fight, Malistaire is shown as a bright blue form of his former, living, self, minus the staff. Sylvia appears next to him and convinces him to forget his grudge with the player and return to the spirit world with her. His hatred for the player has dissipated, as he tells them to spread good with what they have learned wherever they go, and that they will not meet again.


Malistaire's personality is hidden most of the game, but from what is shown, one might think of him as a loving husband turned crazed widower whose only goal is to bring his wife back. He is quite aggressive and impatient towards anyone who tries to hinder his progress in doing so. He is also extremely resilient, persistent, single-minded and tenacious. He may even have been a better person than his twin brother, Cyrus Drake, despite the intimidating robes and features.


Cyrus Drake: Malistaire, this is Cyrus, your brother. Stop this madness at once! The Dragon Titan will no more serve you than he did the lords of Dragonspyre. Sylvia... your wife... She is gone. There is no power in the Spiral that can bring her back... certainly not this.
Malistaire: My brother Cyrus... you have apparently lost faith in my abilities. How unfortunate... and how blind of you. The lords of Dragonspyre lacked the will to command the Dragon Titan... I am far stronger than they were. I am the Master of Death. The Dragon Titan will do as I command. I will order it to return my wife Sylvia to life, so that she might rule at my side...
Narrator: Cyrus holds up the Knowledge Crystal storing Sylvia Drake's memories.
Cyrus Drake: I can see that in your madness, there is no listening to reason. But perhaps you'll listen to the sound of your own heart.
Sylvia Drake: Malistaire, please... it's me, Sylvia. Listen to me. You must stop this madness. The man I loved would never risk the lives of so many for his own desire. I love you... please release me... be happy and move on.
Malistaire: I expected better of you, brother! You thought you could trick me with a mere illusion? You'll pay for evoking my beloved Sylvia! Now for my great work... the summoning of the Dragon Titan. Stand aside, young Wizard... you cannot hope to stop me.
~ Cyrus and Malisataire's conversation before fighting him in Dragonspyre.
Young Wizard, I had nearly forgotten how much I despise you. Now that I lay eyes upon you again, my fury is a black hole of rage, swallowing the light of a thousand dying suns.
~ Malistaire the Undying confronting the Wizard in Azteca.