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Malloy is one of the main characters and the overall secondary antagonist/anti-hero of the Comedy Central TV series Brickleberry. He is an anthropomorphic bear cub who loves to harm others and constantly causes widespread chaos everywhere in the park. However, Malloy is responsible for keeping Woody Johnson's post traumatic stress disorder in check and thus is spoiled heavily by Woody.

About Malloy

Malloy is a tragic bear who lost his family at a young age, after a couple years he became very sadistic and loves to mess around. He is usually portrayed as a rude and greedy psycho who manipulates others to give him what he wants.


Malloy is a racist and wisecracking bear who stated very clearly that he is an atheistic individual in the episode "Two Weeks Notice". When Steve asks him about God, he comes up as a "Genuine Asshole" according to Steve. As far as Woody is concerned, Malloy is a sweet and lovable bear cub, that could never hurt a fly. He is also very much a suspicious pessimist. Every time Steve says something, Malloy is always there to put his idea down or call him a douche-something. He is depicted as skilled in the business world as well as manipulative and predatory, such as using Woody's gambling problem to harvest Woody's organs when he was unable to pay his debts to Malloy, and selling the rangers stuff in a garage sale.

Malloy is heavily into promiscuous content and attitude. In "The Comeback", he fulfilled his desires of being a film director and was very strict upon his pornographic project that would bring Woody's reputation back as "Rex Erection". In "Little Boy Malloy" he started male-stripping in a school stage play for Coilette, the girlfriend of a petulant and cantankerous boy who was bullying Malloy.

Throughout most of the series, he almost never laughs, especially at anything that is remotely funny.


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