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Maloja is a sinister conjurer appearing only in two Dragon Ball Z movies: Broly: Second Coming, and Bio-Broly.

He was voiced by Chafurin in the Japanese version, and by Robert McCollum in the English version.


Broly: Second Coming

Maloja is the "vilage idiot" and self-elected shaman of a village that was constantly being attacked by a monster. He suggested an annual sacrifice to appease the monster. Videl viewed this as murder, however, and so she, Goten, and Trunks offered to fight the monster. Eventually they killed it, restoring peace to the village, and Maloja's name as conjurer was disgraced, and he was banished from the village.


In order to get his revenge, Maloja traveled to the spot where the recently-deceased Broly crashlanded on Earth. He collected a drop of Broly's dried blood and took it to the evil Lord Jaguar, knowing that Jaguar would pay any price for a warrior powerful enough to get revenge on Hercule. Jaguar used the blood to create a clone of Broly, known as Bio-Broly. Maloja attempted to escape upon seeing Goten and Trunks. As he was collecting the money Jaguar gave him, Broly began destroying Jaguar's lab, causing many areas to flood with acidic culture fluid. Some of the purple acid entered Maloja's room, consuming him as he attempted a useless incantation on it.


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