Maloriak is a minor antagonist in World of Warcraft.

Once a young, intelligent alchemist, Maloriak was kidnapped by the dragon Nefarian and fused with the corpse of a fallen dragonspawn. Unfortunately, the fusing of the two damaged his intelligence, and turned from a skilled alchemist to a failure of a scientist.

Maloriak, in an attempt to please his master, created a poison and used in on a dragon whelp named Atramedes. This chemical was intended to enhance his senses, but instead blinded him completely. Maloriak was going to dispose of the failure until Nefarian ordered him to save the whelp for future uses.

During the assault on Blackwing Descent, Maloriak was forced to join the battle when his laboratory was invaded. He used many poisons he created to test on his enemies during the battle, but was eventually forced to use his monstrous abominations who were created in his lab. While they were released prematurely, they still proved to be a challenge. Maloriak used everything he could, even enhancing his own strength and powers with one of his chemicals. In the end, however, Maloriak was killed in battle.

If one were to kill Maloriak on heroic difficulty, you would be rewarded with the temporary title "Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent, and Dissapointing Minions."

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