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Maltese de Sade is the identical cousin of Fat Cat and the main antagonist of the Chip 'n' Dale: Resce Rangers episode "Le Purrfect Crime".


Maltese is similar in appearance to his cousin, but wears a black beret, a yellow shirt, a red vest, a black cape, and a purple tie.


Monty and Zipper were expecting a shipment of cheese when they find two poodles in the crate do to a whining sound driving them out of France. Monty gets the other Rescue Rangers in order to head for Paris and investigate where they head the opposite direction of a poodle that was sent running in order to find the cause.

When they arrive, they find out that Fat Cat's cousin Maltese de Sade was behind the whining sound that was driving poodles out thanks to his machine as he intends to rid Paris of its poodle population. Thanks to Chip and Dale giving away their location as a result of their arguments, it does not take very long for Maltese to realize that the five are the Rescue Rangers his cousin told him about.

After their capture, Maltese orders le Sewer to throw them into a sewer. After Dale gets amnesia from getting hit on the head, Maltese gets the idea to manipulate him into being a minion known as "Ramdale" and sends him after the lives of his friends. Maltese next uses his machine at Notre Dame to continue his spree of driving poodles away from Paris, which was witnessed by Monty.

After managing to get Dale back on their side, Chip surrenders his hat in order to convince Maltese that he eliminated them. At the Eifel Tower, Dale gets caught by Maltese looking inside the machine and discovers he regained his memory. Maltese orders his henchmen to take Dale to the top of the tower in an attempt to get rid of him.

However, Dale snatches the machine and throws it from the tower. When a beatnik mouse gets on his nerves, Maltese throws him from the tower, presumably killing him. Just then, the Rescue Rangers swipe the minions away from Dale while he and Chip dodge in time for Maltese to fall from the Eifel Tower.

However, Maltese uses a makeshift parachute in order to survive.


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