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Maltuvis was a Saurian male first mentioned in the Star Trek episode What Are Little Girls Made Of?.

In the mid 22nd century, Maltuvis was the Basileus, or leader, of the Saurian nation of M'Tezir. In the 2160's he entered in to negotiations with Ambassador Soval of the United Federation of Planets over mining rights on Sauria. He raised the suspicions of the Federation Starfleet by asking for Federation assistance in conquering all of Sauria. The Federation decided to remain neutral and not help Maltuvis in his quest to conquer Sauria.

Maltuvis then turned to the Orion Syndicate, who provided him with technology and weapons. With the support of the Syndicate, Maltuvis was able to conquer all of Sauria. Maltuvis engaged in brutal attacks against civilians living in areas that resisted his rule, and many aliens who had lived on Sauria were murdered at the instigation of Maltuvis. Maltuvis liked to torture individuals, not to extract information, but instead to see how much they could tolerate before death.

The Federation began to take a more active role in opposing Maltuvis when video evidence of an orbital bombardment of civilian targets was broadcast to the Federation. They inserted a team to work with Saurian rebels, and discovered that Maltuvis had unwisely placed an anti-matter generator on the surface of the planet. The Starfleet team warned the rebels about the anti-matter, who called off their attack before it caused an ecological disaster.

The alliance between the Three Sisters and Maltuvis fell apart in 2166 largely due to manipulation by Section 31 agent Trip Tucker. After that, Maltuvis then turned to the Romulan agent V'Las for further assistance in conquering not only all of Sauria, but in establishing an interstellar Maltuvian Empire.


By the 23rd century, Maltuvis's rule over Sauria had come to an end. By then Sauria had joined the Federation.

After his rule ended, Maltuvis was seen as another in a line of tyrants who had gained power through false promises. In 2267, Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk mentioned Maltuvis in the same sentence as other tyrants, including Adolf Hitler, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Asahf Ferris.

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