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Malyhne is one of Mathias' three demon guardians and a minor antagonist in the 2011 fantasy/horror film Fading of the Cries.

She was portrayed by Jessica Morris.


Malyhne is a malicious demon who appears as a messenger of doom. She is shown to be sadistic when he takes delight in the pain of others, especially if she is the cause of pain. She came under the absolute control of the malicious necromancer Mathias, along with her two fellow devils Sylathus and Thurah.


The demon Malyhne appears as a woman with a pale skin in a long black dress and a spikey blond and pale hair. Her face has a bloody scarred smile and sharp teeth which presents a gruesome sight of this creature.


Malyhne is a demon from hell, she was summoned along with Sylathus and Thurah by the sorcerer Mathias to wreak revenge and havoc upon the townspeople and their church elders for the murder of his wife who was once resurrected the second time before her death. After their attack on the townpeople, Mathias and his guardians disappeared and were never heard from again.

Malyhne along with Sylathus were summoned centuries later by a distraught father who lost his family and seek to kill the man whom he blames for his loved ones' deaths. Malyhne was the first of demons to enact this plan of revenge and succeed in killing the man's intended prey, but later she and Sylathus would easily betray him and hunting him down and kill him at the call of their real master, Mathias.

Malyhne returned with her two fellow demons and began attacking people. She was later finally destroyed at Sarah's house by the young swordsman named Jacob whom they killed earlier along with his family who then became Mathias' victims. Malyhne soon turned to flames and ashes after her death.



  • Malyhne has another name "Lillin" that mispelled her own, spoken by the inexperienced modern sorcerer Michael. However the demon's alias is also the name of the Mathias' dead wife but the two of them have no absolute connection to each other.