"Mama" is a one-time enemy of Spider-Man and the mother of Banjo and Bugeye, two young mutants who experienced much abuse due to the on-going theme of mutant prejudice in Marvel comics : despite ultimately having the well-being of her family at heart "Mama" would become very territorial and distrusting of any strangers who came near her family, as Spider-Man learned when he came across the family on one of his many adventures: unlike many other villains Spider-Man has faced over the years however "Mama" and her children were not inherently evil individuals and thus eventually a peaceful solution was found by both parties.


"Mama" left her small mountain town as a teenager and would go on to mother Banjo and Bugeye, both of whom became very noticable mutants and were mercilessly mocked and harassed by other children : this prompted "Mama" to move back to her rural roots with her children in hopes of living a peaceful life away from society as a whole.

When Spider-Man stumbled across the family during his search for a missing person "Mama" believed he was a government agent and ordered her sons to kill him on sight, this prompted a fight between the hero and Banjo - yet Spider-Man saved Banjo from near-death during said battle and earned the young mutant's trust, he called the fight off and begged his family to stop.

Realizing that Spider-Man was not their to harm her family "Mama" ceased hostilities and even began to reconsider her violent approach towards strangers - though Spider-Man did not stay long and left with no further conflict.

It is presumed that "Mama" and her boys continued to live in relative isolation from that point on, though their also a strong possibility both Banjo and Bugeye would of lost their mutation during M-Day.


While she was ultimately a loving mother she also suffered from poverty and lack of uneducation, this coupled with negative experiences with society as a whole left her a rather bitter and paranoid woman who was willing to murder any who she deemed as "strangers", to ensure the safety of her family.

After Spider-Man saved Banjo however she seemed to rethink her approach towards strangers, effectively ending her previously murderous means of survival.


  • Due to the obvious "hillbilly" stereotyping of "Mama" and her family they are unlikely to appear in modern era Marvel without some degree of change in their appearance and mannerism - this is also true of "Mama's" mountain town, which was depicted as having no contact with society and strong implications of inbreeding and other stereotypes no longer considered acceptable in mainstream media (as the story was published in 1989).
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