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Mama Dragon

Mama Dragon is the main antagonist from the 7D episode "Grim the Dragon". She is an angry, fire-breathing dragon who started burning the kingdom of Jollywood.

Her vocal sound effects were provided by Dee Bradley Baker.


Mama Dragon is a ferocious, aggressive and destructive dragon. She is extremely defensive towards anyone who comes near her and her baby by breathing fire massively. Eventually, she realizes that The 7D is trying to help her reunite with the baby and they both end up in friendly and compassionate terms.

Powers and Abilities

Like all dragons of legends, Mama Dragon is able to breathe fire.


Grim and the Dragon

While the queen is asking the seven dwarfs about a dragon terrorizing the kingdom, one of them asks, "What dragon?". After that, a scene shows a dragon burning the kingdom of Jollywood. The seven dwarfs are dressed up as firefighters to investigate the fire in the kingdom. Grumpy tries to get rid of it, but is burned by its fire. He shouts out "Nurse!" and the citizens cheer for them, thinking they "saved" the kingdom.

The dragon is seen again after the seven dwarfs threw water balloons at Grim (as a dragon). It blew fire on Grumpy again. He shouted "Nurse!" again, which gave him a lollipop with rhubarb flavor. That is actually a misunderstanding, but the dragon was remorseless that Grim was the impostor.

Grim is taken to a cave by the dragon for protection. Hildy approached the cave, but is attacked by the dragon. She shouted "Nurse!" after getting burned. She is given another lollipop with rhubarb flavor.

She is seen again exiting out of bear cave and blowing fire at the invention with Doc, Happy, Sneezey, Dopey, and Hildy (as Little Bo Peep). It was put to sleep by Happy in order to get out of the cave. Grim was grabbed by the dragon for leaving the cave, but is warned by Hildy. She pointed at the baby dragon (which was hatched from the enchanted pearl of Maximus), which turns the adult to be angry with them. It kicked out Hildy and Grim out of the cave.

It is revealed that the dragon is actually a mother. It is last seen roasting burgers with its fire breath.

Other media

The 7D Dwarf Track Builder

The dragon is seen as an obstacle in the game, which one must avoid to proceed.

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