Mama Meany

Mama Meany is an antagonist in The Garfield Show. He is a robber who steals money. He appeared in "Perfect Pizza" as the antagonist and in "Depths of a Salesman" as one of the two antagonists, alongside right hand business man Hal.

He was voiced by Gregg Berger, who is popularly known for voicing Grimlock on the mainstream Transformers series.


One day, Garfield gets a bad tasting of a pizza from Mama Meany's Pizza Palace (Jon ordered it instead of Vito's pizza, which he usually orders). Garfield forces Jon to take him to Vito's, where they learn from Vito that Mama Meany's Pizza Palace has stolen his customers by tricking them in eating their awful machine-made pizzas, with coupons and competitions (with big cash prizes), putting Vito out of business. Vito gets a call from the famous food reviewer Eddie Gourmand, who makes a deal with Vito: If Vito can get a large pepperoni pizza to Eddies home in half an hour, and have him like it, Eddie will introduce Vito's pizza to millions. Vito agrees and has Garfield and Jon deliver the pizza (his truck was broken). Mama Meany and his assistant chase after them with their truck. Soon, they confront Jon, while Garfield steals their pizzas and activates a switch in the truck, causing it to crash. The chase is continued, and ends with Mama Meany and his assistant crashing into a billboard (because of the pizzas Garfield threw at the wind shield). After crashing off a cliff, Jon and Garfield make it to Eddie's home and Eddie gives Vito a good review and Vito becomes very successful, and in return, he will let Jon and Garfield and Odie have all the free pizza they want. First appearance of Vito and Eddie Gormand.

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